Working Women

There are many days when I wish I had been born a corporate psychopath. Watching Marissa Mayer’s first interview since giving birth to her son Macallister two months ago just reaffirmed those feelings.

Oops, I forgot to bring my baby to the lecture about how perfect I am

Mayer is the former Google executive who controversially became Yahoo CEO while six months pregnant and returned to work after two weeks maternity leave.

“The baby’s been easy - way easier than everyone made it out to be,” Mayer told the mainly female audience at Fortune’s Most Powerful Women event this week.

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  • stephen says:

    06:57pm | 30/11/12

    Yeah, I’m just waiting for the sanity litmus tests on these people, just like the ones who are unemployed, the smokers, the dole recipients, those who are fat, and those are disabled and haven’t got a friend, if only to convince them to upgrade their private health insurance so they… Read more »

  • Sally says:

    06:53pm | 30/11/12

    I love your passion and agree with your comment about Western sisterhood. We isolate ourselves from each other instead of supporting each other, and then wonder why things are so hard. Who knows how much help this woman does or doesn’t have, but as they say it takes a village… Read more »


Can you hear a faint sort of teeth-grindy sound? No it’s not the rats in the roof gnawing the wires again, it’s just those thousands of lady drivers with the windows down as they motor past the bottle shop.

If I press this glass of wine against my face, surely it'll have a similar effect to drinking it? Picture: Thinkstock

Even just four days into Febfast, the annual excruciating month of alcohol abstinence, the novelty will have well and truly worn off and we’re already down to the bare bones of resentment and “I know it’s for charity and all but what the feck was I thinking”.

All around Australia there are mild-mannered ladies cursing the leap year, too, as were it not for that stupid spare day, there would only be 24 grogless ones left. For many of us talented drinkers, when it comes to one’s consumption of alcohol there is the comfort of denial and “look over there, is that a rare orange-bellied parrot? (Yes waiter top me up)” for 11 months of the year, and then there is the long, hard look in the mirror that is horrendous February.

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  • Robert Smissen of country SA says:

    03:51pm | 06/02/12

    Such good role models to the next generation of alcoholics, if the kids see “mummy” downing 3-4 glasses of wine a night, usually 2+ standard drinks a night, what are the chances they will follow suit? Read more »

  • Shannon says:

    01:00pm | 06/02/12

    I’m not a big drinker, never have been.. Grew up with a drunk father, so never wanted to be like that. But I started a diet, and it said NO drinking at all… It was a month on, week off diet.. For the week I didn’t have to diet, I… Read more »


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