Weekend Open Thread

Let the navel-gazing and chin-scratching hereby cease. And let the BBQ’ing commence.

When ya gotta low, ya gotta low. Pic: Adam Taylor

Actually, that’s a fair old discussion point. How do you spell BBQ? Our in-house News Ltd style guide says it’s barbecue, not barbeque, never B-B-Q and only BBQ when used in headlines.

Which of god’s beasts are you sizzling today? What else is burning you up this weekend? Oh, and got a better caption suggestion for the pic above?

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  • pa_kelvin says:

    04:14pm | 27/01/13

    Glad I dont drink Pepsi products…. http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/business/gatorade-to-remove-controversial-ingredient/story-fn7ki14e-1226562295518 Flame retarder FFS…. No mention of a world change. Read more »

  • pa_kelvin says:

    03:12pm | 27/01/13

    I guess the real problem would be that it’s destroyed the golfing… You must be further north than I tought. I figered Sunshine Coast Hinterland. Read more »


And now for something completely different that made the first week back at work entirely worthwhile.

With thanks to Reddit, a funny news.com.au colleague and the clever person who came up with this

What’s the best thing that happened to you this week? Share with us, we want to know.

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  • pavlo says:

    06:05pm | 13/01/13

    “If someone form the 1950s appeared today what would be the most difficult thing to explain to them about life today? Why we aren’t living futuristic lifestyles with heaps of leisure time? Jetcars? Why we are mostly working harder than we ever did? Why families and marriages / relationships are… Read more »

  • sunny says:

    05:58pm | 13/01/13

    LJ Dots - I watched Fail Safe on YouTube last week - brilliant show! Read more »


Put your hand up if you had a better week than the guy in the picture below? Now read this very tidy wrap of some of the stuff we talked about this week.

Look, the whole thing was a gag. Photo: news.com.au

Got a story you want to share from the last seven days?

Simon Benson: Yep, Gillard’s survived but she didn’t fix anything

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  • Achmed says:

    03:42pm | 16/12/12

    I’m offended that PJ’s only refernces are right wing newspaper articles. I’m offended that anyone could through some twisted logic blame the audience at a function for the jokes told by a comedian on stage as part of their act. Did Tony attend his local Catholic church today?  If so… Read more »

  • Tim says:

    01:59pm | 16/12/12

    Im offended that you need to post the exact same comments on multiple threads. Read more »


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