War History

A genuine American war ace who did his greatest fighting 70 years ago over the skies of Darwin has passed away in California at the age of 95.

The late Col. Jim Morehead, fighter pilot extraordinaire. Image: www.p40model.com.

Colonel James Morehead played a crucial role in the defence of Australia, and proved with his courage that formations of the feared AM6 Mitsubishi Zeros and long-range bombers of the Imperial Japanese Navy were not invincible.

He ended the war having shot down eight enemy planes, most of them off Darwin, flying in P-40s. These planes, the ones famously painted with shark teeth, were hopelessly outclassed by the faster and in all ways superior Zeros.

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  • Andy Evans says:

    10:33am | 21/03/12

    Actually there is newsreel footage of one of the RAAF Milne Bay Kittys with a sharks mouth - an ex USAAF P40E. Read more »

  • The righteous one says:

    07:45am | 20/03/12

    Yes John, they probably did, and aren’t you lucky, because if they had not you probably would not be in a position to post your statements on a blog such as this today. So yes people died on both sides during WW2 and all other wars and two wrongs dont… Read more »


The death of Ted Kenna has reminded us again of the breathtaking bravery exhibited by him and all winners of the Victoria Cross.

Our first Victoria Cross winner Albert Jacka

Mr Kenna, who with his wife spent the final years of his life in Geelong in order to be near their daughter, is the fifth VC winner to have a connection with the Geelong region.

To survey the stories of these five winners of the VC is to touch a special part of Australia’s regional history. They tell of a haulage contractor and an apple packer, an accountant and council worker, along with a professional soldier who displayed a rare bravery at a moment of extreme pressure.

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  • Peter says:

    10:02am | 17/07/09

    RT - you totally miss my point: Marles, a Labor MP, attempts to appropraite the heroic figures of Australian military history, while deliberately ignoring the role his own party played in oppositiong to the soldiers and the causes that they fought for. Sure, I accept you fit into the Leftist… Read more »

  • stephen says:

    04:11pm | 16/07/09

    We’d better. Read more »


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