Christmas Island, Curtin, Northern Immigration Detention Centre in Darwin, Maribyrnong, Perth, Phosphate Hill, Scherger and Villawood Detention Centre…

Asylum seekers at Villawood. Pic: Justin Lloyd

These are the welcoming arms of Australia for the few desperate individuals who make it into Australian waters seeking asylum. They are detention centres that could become “home” for indefinite periods of months or even years.

In the early hours of the morning Villawood Detention Centre was set alight, and protestors climbed up onto the roof of the centre.

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  • Danice says:

    09:30am | 17/10/11

    That addresses several of my concerns atculaly. Read more »

  • TracyH says:

    12:23pm | 26/04/11

    Sophie Trevit, Marilyn Shepherd et al…OK, I hear you about the legal/illegal argument. Can you please spell out what exactly it is that we should do with asylum seekers while we check them out? What if they have transmittable diseases etc/ What if they are war criminals (taliban or whatever)… Read more »


Late this morning another group of refugees clambered on top of the roof at Sydney’s Villawood detention centre in protest.

Roof sitters. Picture: Jeff Herbert.

And while the Minister for Immigration Chris Bowen managed to get yesterday’s group down by refusing to “give in to their demands” maybe it’s about time we stopped cushioning the issue with industrial size mattresses and faced them head on instead.

Ian Rintoul is one person looking for a better solution. As a spokesperson for the Sydney based Refugee Action Coaliton, he’s described the situation as “desperate” and that most detainees, having spent between 12 to 16 months in Christmas Island prior to coming to Villawood, “see no future”.

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  • Cut to the chase says:

    12:32am | 24/09/10

    1. Chase the media away 2. Deliver ultimatum. “Get off the roof or suffer the consequences” 3. Stun grenades and tazers 4. Problem solved Read more »

  • Tragedy of the commons says:

    08:23pm | 23/09/10

    Fed Up is right. The problem with do-gooders is, though they are well intended, their empathy knows no bounds. If they had their way, our borders would be thrown wide open to anyone who wants to come here. The problem then, and now, is that we become so preoccupied with… Read more »


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