There are lots of things in our lives that cause animal, human or environmental harm. Some we already know about. Others we blindly ignore until an intrepid investigator breaks the story.

Mooooooove over. Photo:The Australian

Even the most innovative or seemingly innocent products can have a murky past. Angry Birds loses its fun when you consider the Apple workers committing suicide in China. And Valentine’s Day becomes ever so slightly more nauseating when you learn that those chocolates you bought the mother of your children may have furthered the slave trade of other children in Africa (at least, that’s what I told her when I forgot to buy them).

Human actions always seem to have an impact somewhere in the world.  All we can do is try to mitigate or fix the problem once we are made aware and move on better for it. Except, it seems, with meat production.

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  • Justice says:

    07:37am | 24/02/12

    The animals we kill don’t want to lose their precious lives any more than we would. Also, most people believe stunning prevents suffering, but there is evidence that it actually causes it. British neurobiologist Harold Hillman says the same level of electricity used to torture people in some countries is… Read more »

  • Tom says:

    08:08pm | 19/02/12

    Mattb, meat can be quite good for you. Depending on the meat, they almost all contain quite a few vitamins, and of course a good whack of protein. The problem is that most people a) eat far too much of it, and b) eat poor quality, fatty cuts of meat.… Read more »


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