Moe Albanese is the last butcher standing in New York’s Little Italy. His father, Vincenzo, was a butcher from Polizzi Generosa, in Sicily. Moe’s mother, Mary, also of Sicilian descent, could speak some English.

Moe Albanese and his store. Pic: Paul Toohey (digitally altered)

“My father said to her, ‘You ask the customers what they want and I’ll cut the meat’,” says Moe, who was delivered by midwives at a home birth on this same block in 1925 and has never left the area.

Albanese Meats & Poultry on Elizabeth St is a relic of New York. It is now being crowded out by snappy boutiques and, just to the south, by Chinatown.

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  • pj says:

    07:34pm | 13/02/12

    At first I thought it read Genovese! :( scary… Read more »

  • Zopo says:

    11:27am | 13/02/12

    We the customers are also killing off these businesses. I always live by “You get what you pay for”. The only problem is when I leave work to buy meat or veges butchers are always closed at 5pm same with the fruit shop, if they want to compete maybe they… Read more »


Author Craig Shirley announced with some fanfare in The Australian that the United States had “no intelligence of a potential Japanese attack.”

Sailors stand among wrecked airplanes at Ford Island Naval Air Station as they watch the explosion of the USS Shaw in the background during the Japanese surprise attack on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii 07/12/1941. Pic: AP

Tell us something we don’t know.

Writing all the way back in 1962, Roberta Wohlstetter made clear that the United States “failed to anticipate [the] Pearl Harbor [attack] not for want of the relevant materials, but because of a plethora of irrelevant issues.”

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  • Greg says:

    05:43pm | 14/12/11

    St. Michael, the “wall of text” is in reality some basic facts to support my argument. I can’t help it if you are feeling overwhelmed by the amount of evidence that I have provided. I am not avoiding any aspects of the discussion either, even though the topic of discussion… Read more »

  • Greg says:

    04:59pm | 14/12/11

    marley, I never said that the Sudetenland was part of Germany or that it was taken from Germany after WW1. You are just making that up, or imagining it. Go read what I actually wrote. It’s still there. And German speaking people had been living in the region since at… Read more »


U2’s 360 degrees tour has touched down in Australia and is in full swing. Much like the main feature of the tour, stories have been coming from every direction on how extravagant the concert is. How the big scale, big vision, and big cost have lead to the biggest concert event ever.

So you don't like my mega-expensive over-the-top staging? Picture: Getty

You have to admit, the numbers are pretty impressive.

U2’s two year world tour has run up an $850,000 dollars daily running cost, and last year took $123 million as the highest grossing tour of 2009. ‘The claw’ stage that dominates the band as they play towers at an impressive height of 164 feet. It is so large that it took six 747 jets to get it to Australia.

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  • oem software online says:

    10:21am | 19/08/12

    qdzA5W Im thankful for the article.Really thank you! Want more. Read more »

  • Legend says:

    09:02pm | 29/06/11

    been a fan of u2 since mid 80s. Im only interested in the music and how it has helped me cope with lifes difficult moments, inspired me to take up guitar. I cant save the world- I can only save mine. If bono wants to influence others to do certain… Read more »


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