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Here we go again.  The High Streets are full of bargain-hungry shoppers, the Christmas decorations are back in their boxes, New Year’s resolutions are still just about holding, and a certain ski resort in Switzerland is readying itself for an influx of global economic power-brokers.  The World Economic Forum is about to descend, once again, on Davos.

...It's the US Congress

The Eurozone’s enduring sovereign debt crisis has dominated Davos for the past few years, reaching fever pitch as it lurched from one potential calamity to another. The currency’s very survival has been the hot topic in this freezing Swiss town of late.

As Greece looked to be heading for the exit door, and some delegates wondered if it was all a big German conspiracy to control Europe, eyes turned to China as the global economy’s potential saviour.

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  • acotrel says:

    05:39pm | 16/01/13

    ‘Ploise Hexplain ?’ Read more »

  • K^2 says:

    04:09pm | 16/01/13

    Richard, the image chosen as the cover for this article is actually quite telling, perhaps you didnt realise it, did you choose this symbolism intentionally!? Here we see the symbolism or archetype of the dome (or feminine in sacred geometry), and a red right hand.  In Philosophy, The Red Right… Read more »


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