A crisis looms. Before November 2012, 181 trained medical students would find themselves without a graduate placement. Without this last step, they cannot practice as doctors in Australia.

Nurse, our medical training system has no pulse!

A medical degree sees a student spend up to six years at university, where they gather a general education in medicine. Once complete, the student must find a graduate internship in a hospital, where they can then move from students to become actual doctors.

According to an audit by the Confederation of Postgraduate Medical Education Councils, 3326 Australian-trained medical graduates applied for 3080 internships in 2013. That leaves 181 graduating students - who have spent between $51,000 and $300,000 - without any option to further their barely-started career.

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  • bananabender says:

    06:11pm | 10/12/12

    The general consensus is that it takes 2.5 Gen Y doctors to replace one baby boomer doctor due to radically different work ethics. The Gen Y doctor isn’t going to work 80 hours per week and spend three weeks at a time on call. Read more »

  • marley says:

    06:08pm | 10/12/12

    @Nick - people skills are irrelevant for doctors?  Maybe if you’re a surgeon they’re irrelevant, but if you’re trying to figure out what’s wrong with some who doesn’t have bits of bone sticking out or gunshot holes in their chest, people skills can be pretty important.  If you’re trying to… Read more »


Australia has too many sick people and not enough doctors. And it’s crunch time if we want to fix it.

We hear about the challenges facing our health system all the time - waiting lists for surgery, overcrowded wards, long queues to see a GP.

Most of these problems can be traced back to a simple equation - there are too many sick people and not enough doctors.  Demand is greater than supply, and the imbalance is getting worse.

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  • Slimfasdiet93bop says:

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  • Eigengrau says:

    08:12pm | 27/01/11

    Hear hear - when potential medical students start seeing the erosion of job security and wages, why would a bright, enthusiastic school leaver do medicine? You can do a combined law degree in 5 years, or a commerce degree in 3 - forget about the years of postgraduate training while… Read more »


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