Tour Down Under

Great news, girls and young women of Australia. You too can aspire to be a podium bimbo who wears figure-hugging, delectable smoked salmon-coloured dresses just like these hotties.

Ladies in frilly dresses and curly wurly hair curls perform the vital function of sucking dust off the winner's cheeks

It’s true! Road cycling may have a blind spot the size of Belgium when it comes to drugs, but the sport is at the forefront of the fight against sexism.

While the men do all that silly riding, you gals can do the much more meaningful cheering. The men are forced to wear lycra, but you can experience true empowerment by dressing like a maid at a strip club. And while the men grimace in pain, you have the wonderful opportunity to practise your air smooching and general perkiness.

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  • Daylight Robbery says:

    04:25pm | 28/01/13

    Exactly Chris, its perfectly fine. Theres more validity to the above picture than the Twigley bling at the Brownlow medal which has become a vehicle for selling fashion instead of a medal show. Read more »

  • Anthony Sharwood

    Anthony Sharwood says:

    03:17pm | 28/01/13

    Two points. 1. I come from Canberra so I know about home city put downs 2. My boss and another of my colleagues are Adelaideans. They expect the bagging and deserve it! Read more »


Road cycling has been growing in popularity for the past few decades. This week’s Tour Down Under in South Australia is expected to attract hundreds of thousands of people to roadside vantage points throughout the state to watch some of the best riders on the globe contest the opening event of the 2012 World Tour.

Cyclists leave Goulburn in pouring rain soon after start of Goulburn to Sydney Dunlop Road Race in 1930s.

Yet for the first few decades of competitive cycling, the track was the Mecca for large crowds of cycling fans. Beginning in Europe, but spreading quickly to the United States, Australia and elsewhere, the close action on the steeply banked velodromes captured the imagination of the public.

Throughout the first three decades of last century, cycling tracks were built in major cities. In the US, track cycling became one of the most popular sports in the nation. As in Europe, sporting stars and celebrities of the era were regular faces in the stands.

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  • Zoyd says:

    01:22pm | 18/01/12

    Mr Andrews, you can write every day for 50 years about cycling. Or about basket weaving. Or macrame. Or lace-tatting.  Or curling, for all it matters. No bucket of sportin’ whitewash will ever be big enough to wipe out the facts of your discreditable, gutless treatment of Dr Haneef. Never… Read more »

  • Mike says:

    09:36pm | 17/01/12

    Why anyone would want to cycle a “good variety” of awful roads in SA is beyond me.  Adelaide’s roads are nowhere near billiard table flat (like some European or Eastern State roads), but a great many are patched up several times over in different places, unnecessarily undulating and contain potholes.… Read more »


It is one of the most anticipated events in Australian cycling. For decades, cyclists, coaches and supporters have dreamt of having a national team at the Tour de France and the other great European races. Now, 98 years after Don Kirkham and Snowy Munro became the first Aussies – and the first non-Europeans – to ride in the Tour de France, an Australian team will join the professional peleton.

Here they come! Oh, wait, it's that bloody American bloke again. Pic: AFP

The first appearance of the Green Edge team this weekend at the Bay Criterium series in Victoria had been eagerly awaited for months. Although the Bay Crits are a warm-up series for the Australian Road Championships this week at Mt Buninyong, and the first of the World Tour races, the Santos Tour Down Under the following week in Adelaide, they have attracted the cream of the nation’s cyclists for two decades.

As the first races for the summer season, it is fitting that the Green Edge riders are participating in the keenly contested circuit races at Geelong, Port Arlington and Williamstown.

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  • Mike says:

    04:53pm | 16/01/12

    Stephen, you obviously can’t read. Read more »

  • Amanda says:

    07:58am | 04/01/12

    I love Kevin’s cycling articles. I always read them eagerly. Very excited to see Green Edge competing this year. BTW, the Tour Down Under goes right past my house this year . Excited? You bet! Read more »


Taxpayers deserve to know what they’re forking out to sporting stars.

In South Australia, Premier Mike Rann - despite his reputation as a master of spin - has made a poor judgment when it comes to not disclosing how much Lance Armstrong is paid to appear at the Tour Down Under.

The State Government has continually refused to say how much it has paid the seven-time Tour de France winner to appear at the TDU, even claiming the information was commercial in confidence, thus putting the details out of the reach of freedom of information requests.

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  • Shawn says:

    09:45pm | 23/03/12

    Governments are always averse to revealing such spending as it will draw flak from commenters, but what they don’t realize is that people are going to speculate and make matters worse if they stuck to their silent stance. Read more »

  • Nathan says:

    01:47pm | 20/01/11

    Tony, maybe you should visit other parts of town instead of just glancing out your window. Over the past few days Rundle Mall and Rundle St have been filled with tourists. And there’s a very noticeable increase in the number of people carrying maps of the city on the city… Read more »


Like the rhythm of the turning pedal, the professional cycling season has followed an annual pattern for a century.

Huge crowds watch a warm up event for this year's Tour Down Under. Picture: Sarah Reed

As the European winter evolves into early spring, riders take their bikes from garages and leave the velodromes to venture back onto the roads in preparation for another season. Riding at first in the slush and ice of melting snow, their thoughts turn to the warmth of the Mediterranean Sea.

Known as the ‘Race to the Sun’, the professional season traditionally commenced with Paris to Nice, a weeklong race from the French capital to the southern holiday resort.

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  • Kat says:

    07:38pm | 17/01/11

    Great article. I think the TDU offers Australians a fantastic experience of elite cycling in their own backyard. I’ve also been to the TDF and agree that spectators are incredibly lucky to get so close to the action at the TDU. Thanks for the informative, interesting article Kevin Read more »

  • Ron says:

    07:33pm | 17/01/11

    Skeptic much?! Or perhaps Kevin is just writing an article about a sport he really enjoys. Since this isn’t the first cycling article Kev has written & since he clearly knows a lot about the sport and enjoys it…I’d say the latter is more plausible. Read more »


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