Tory Shepherd

Welcome to this week’s ‘I Call Bullshit’. It has been inspired by this morning’s critique of Chris Lilley’s Angry Boys penned by Tory Shepherd.

Yeah, that Tory's a spaz

It was undoubtedly conspired up in her ivory tower where there is a complete ban on any form of immaturity and a DVD collection policy that only allows the first series of a program to be collected as latter series are automatically too mainstream and lacking in intellectual value.

Tory brushes Lilley’s new series aside with strokes of academic elitism. She turns her nose up at the quality of humour within the show labelling it ‘juvenile gutterisms’ and announces her dismay at the quantity of ‘dick and poo’ jokes in the series.

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  • janice says:

    09:39pm | 13/05/11

    What happens when The Slap is shown on the a.b.c? The poor Greek and other middle -classes will have to resort to letter writing in the papers to defend themselves!!! Read more »

  • Matthew says:

    05:30pm | 13/05/11

    Gormsby is easily one of my favourite ever TV shows! Rates up there with The Wire IMO. However I do also like Survivor, whIch a LOT of people think is garbage. You won’t get any namby pamby pinko commie ratings grabbing from old Gormsby! Read more »


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