Tim Mathieson

Tim Mathieson owes us all an apology. He should apologise for apologising for his remarks about prostate cancer this week. Instead of apologising, what Tim Mathieson should have done was make like a tiny-handed Asian lady bum doctor, and lift a defiant middle finger in the direction of the narcs, whingers, screwed-up ideologues and craven opportunists who felt or feigned such burning indignation at his completely innocent little gag.

Dead-set legend Tim Mathieson in happier, less apologetic times. Photo: Herald Sun

I am still trying to work out who was meant to be offended by his remark. Was it Asians? Was it women? Was it people with small hands?

Was he making a slight against the big-handed – apologies in advance to any sufferers of gigantism who might be reading this – or was he poking fun, so to speak, at those many men who have had to suffer the ignominy of an Ansell-gloved digit up the date?

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  • I can think of other things to write about says:

    01:21pm | 04/02/13

    If it was a non-issue, why did you write the article :-\ Read more »

  • Ange says:

    01:19pm | 04/02/13

    We’ve all become such a bunch of humourless wowsers. I can see a time when all humour is banned lest we offend someone. Seriously people. Get over it! Read more »


You’d be hard pressed to find an opening news paragraph this week more ludicrous than “Tim Mathieson has apologised for making a joke about small Asian women and prostate examinations”.

Bummer… Image: Peter Nicholson

It’s not quite up there with the classic “Gordon Ramsay’s porn dwarf double eaten to death by badgers” from 2011, but as far as news leads go it’s pretty much got everything going for it.

Well in 2013 it does, anyway. There used to be a time when a story about the Prime Minister’s boyfriend saying something stupid might have raised a few eyebrows on the gossip pages. (Actually, in years past the fact that the Prime Minister HAD a boyfriend was probably a more exciting story to begin with, but I digress).

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  • stephen says:

    06:58pm | 31/01/13

    I can’t see my prostate because my belly is sticking out. (Out of sight, out of danger.) Read more »

  • marley says:

    05:58pm | 31/01/13

    @Swamp Thing - I don’t mean to be disrespectful of Australia, but the “sensitivity” here to anything that is even slightly distasteful or disrespectful is pretty amazing. It’s no wonder Roxon, surrounded by people of that mindset, thought she could get that Human Rights bill through to ban offensive speech. … Read more »


The campaign to get more men to engage in rubber glove love to check out the condition of their prostates has become the object of much political chatter.


The PM’s office, and Ms Gillard herself joined those not laughing at the joke. Not only did Mr Mathieson have to apologise in a written statement, he was instructed to front a pool TV camera to repeat his contrition for the evening bulletins. This is a similar type of public humiliation to that imposed on, say, a Treasurer who has a tax which doesn’t bring in any revenue.

The good news, fingers crossed, is the uproar has done much to promote that campaign and the importance of check-ups to mens’ health.

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  • Chris L says:

    06:16pm | 30/01/13

    “The Prime Minister is -  not married , has no children…” That’s pretty much how the whole sexism issue became front and centre. Gillard has been hyperbolic about it, no denying it, but there’s plenty of blame to go around both sides on the issue. BTW the only time a… Read more »

  • Zack says:

    05:25pm | 30/01/13

    Rob the situation in Australia is different. Gillard has alienated her core base, she can’t shake TA off (and he isn’t Mal Turnbull) and she has enough political baggage to ground a 747. The bets are already getting in as of this arvo nd Gillard looks good to go. Read more »


‘First Bloke’ Tim Mathieson has been tried and found guilty of not living up to the manly stereotype, despite all his work in sheds.

Back in your man cave, houseboy. Pic: Kym Smith

You didn’t hear about Therese Rein running former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s baths, or about Janette Howard pouring the bubble bath after former Prime Minister John Howard had a hard day.

It’s all part of the novelty of having our first female Prime Minister.

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  • LJ Dots says:

    06:54pm | 20/11/12

    @Christiano, agreed - I was in the middle of preparing a response (between doing the standard guy thing of hanging the washing, ironing my shirts for tomorrow and getting dinner ready), but thought I should read the comments first in case it had already been mentioned - and yes, so… Read more »

  • Vernon says:

    05:43pm | 20/11/12

    I wonder if Tim sit’s at home in the Lodge reading 50 Shades of Grey ? Read more »


Are you shocked that tomorrow night’s episode of At Home with Julia shows ‘Prime Minister Julia Gillard’ tabling her man in Parliament*, with a post-coital cuddle under the Australian flag?

Pass us a ciggie, luv. Pic: Supplied

Monarchist David Flint was – he says it shows a lack of respect. Not to the PM, but to the flag. An ABC spokesman defended the skit, and said the flag was a “symbol of love” draped over the PM.

Ms Gillard, unsurprisingly, declined to comment. Here’s The Punch team’s take. What’s yours?

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  • EffispAcish says:

    08:34am | 14/12/12

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  • Marcela says:

    04:09pm | 10/02/12

    I’d be ceraful using IQ as a measure of intelligence. IQ tests test how well you can answer questions geared to a particular sector of society, which not surprisingly doesn’t generally include Aboriginal children. Read more »


Here I was, thinking that in this history-making era when we have our first female Governor General and our first woman Prime Minister, the genders may finally have laid down their arms.

'I'll look after you, Jules'. 'Sure, Tim, whatevs.' Photo: Ray Strange

But as the First Bloke himself highlighted yesterday, sadly it looks like business as usual. All of us guests at the national barbecue that is Aussie public life are still divided along traditional lines - men huddled together, stubby in hand poking at the snags, women at the other end of the yard, fussing with the salads.

Whether he was put up to it or not by Julia Gillard’s popularity paramedics, First Bloke Tim Mathieson made it seem that, unlike more enlightened nations, Australia is stuck in Jurassic Park when it comes to gender relations.

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    11:47pm | 19/09/11

    Hi B Thank you so much for your reply!!  Most certainly, we claim to have those equal rights & opportunities you have talked about!!  However, the only point I was trying to make, happens to be as women even when we decide to take those equal opportunities, there seems to… Read more »

  • B says:

    04:50pm | 19/09/11

    Misandrist “We still find that to get any where in life, as women sometimes we have to try twice as hard”  -  This is the biggest lie portrayed by feminists.  Yes in the world as an adverage maybe, but in Australia women are given every opportunity, at the expense of… Read more »


Well may we say a wedding saved the monarchy, but would another one save the Prime Minister?

Cartoon: Peter Nicholson

The recent post-Budget polls are dismal. A weekend Newspoll found Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s standing is worse than Kevin Rudd’s was before he got axed, and a Galaxy Poll suggests that it doesn’t matter what Labor does, people still hate them.

So is there anything that could turn this inexorable tide around? Australians have shown they have a soft and gooey spot for a ‘fairytale’ wedding, turning off a republic and back on to the monarchy with the marriage of Wills and Kate. And then First Bloke Tim Mathieson has hinted that he’d quite like to pop the question. What do you think? Could a garter belt be a lifesaver for Ms Gillard?

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  • Booker28Terri says:

    08:13am | 14/09/11

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  • LC says:

    09:00pm | 18/05/11

    @ Frank Short and straight to the point. I like it. Labor is going to crash and burn at the next election. Why? To name a few: - Broken promises (hint: carbon tax) - Wasting money on frivolous schemes and crackpot plans (elderly set top boxes) - General incompetence -… Read more »


It’s been a long time since I heard anyone bag Queensland the way they used to.

This is Tim, my partner. He's also a deft hand with a hair straightener. Photo: Herald Sun.

Wayne Goss (Queensland Premier 1989 to 1996) introduced a number of reforms to bring Queensland into line socially with the rest of the country and combined with a sudden growth spurt, largely from the interstate migration of people from New South Wales and Victoria over the past 10 years, the sophistication gap between north and south is disappearing.

We may not have a Mardi Gras, but froth isn’t spooned onto cappuccinos anymore and salads have moved on from crinkle cut carrots and snowpeas.

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  • Ben H says:

    10:49am | 22/03/11

    Still scratching my head on this one. Read more »

  • Felipe says:

    10:10am | 22/03/11

    Embarassed,  pm’s last trip to the US was not even news in the US and tag along boyfriend was left out of her schedule.  Do you think she is embarrassed of him as well or her focus group was making this decision.  It will be a cringe worthy moment when… Read more »


It was a beautifully sunny spring day in Canberra when a jeans-clad Prime Minister Gillard and Tim Mathieson moved into the Lodge, but not everyone was happy about it.

Picture: Ray Strange.

M J Willcocks of Ashgrove Grove, Qld wrote to The Australian to express distaste with the couple’s “attire” and “demeanour”: “It is equally proper for a prime minister, as the national leader, to present herself or himself appropriately attired. The same goes for her or his consort.”

Casually dressed couples strolling through the garden seems perfectly acceptable behaviour for a Sunday morning in Canberra, but MJ Willcocks definitely got the terminology right.

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  • GT says:

    10:51am | 29/04/11

    I’m sorry but the men of Australia need to stand up and be counted. In the past 5 years or so, they have lost their balls. They are so scared of appearing sexist they are turning into effeminate wimps. The old school “bloke” was practical, tough and could handle himself.… Read more »

  • Ron says:

    01:48pm | 30/10/10

    Exactly why standards and morals are dropping.  Marriage is a commitment (not a piece of paper!) That is why Religious and Civil Services are witnessed.  Love is so flimsy it can fall apart at any time, however commitment is much stronger. Read more »


The visibility of Australian political partners in previous elections has largely been limited to a cursory podium-left guest appearance at a campaign launch or a glossy magazine photo spread that perhaps involved a Labrador.

Samantha Cameron and Sarah Brown stars in the lacklustre UK poll. Photos: Getty Images

Come election time, leaders’ wives have traditionally been wheeled out like ceremonial oxen. They were marketing props offered up to the electorate to assure voters that however brusque the candidate may seem, their devoted, polka-dot sporting frau’s visceral devotion would attest to their deep, inner, hitherto unseen, sensitivity.

But since Australia last went to the polls, there has been a sizable shift in the role which politicians’ partners assume in the wider political narrative.

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  • Clement says:

    10:54am | 18/10/12

    this morning she found acsepts of the program funny but refused to be drawn on the sex scene..Speaking on ABC radio Ms Gillard said she had watched the first episode but did not plan to view any more of At Home With Julia..I think acsepts of that first episode were… Read more »

  • PaulB says:

    02:18pm | 29/07/10

    Yes Jack, Julia’s paid her respects to Israel, and Tim the unexpected appears to have become quite the Real Estate maven thanks to that nice Mr. Dadon who organizes those holidays in Israel for wavering politicians. Read more »


It is week two of the election campaign and we have hardly seen the prime minister’s partner, Tim Mathieson. I can’t remember an election campaign where voters have seen so little of the candidates’ better half. So what is going on?

Julia Gillard and Tim Mathieson at Kevvin Rudd's Kirribilli House Christmas drinks in 2007. Photo: Vanessa Hunter

Even the erratic Mark Latham travelled around Australia with the gorgeous Janine Lacy in tow. Yet, so far, apart from the odd appearance in Canberra, Ms Gillard’s boyfriend of four years has not been seen.

If Australia’s first female PM is formally elected by the people on August 21, she will make history by being the first person in the top job to be unmarried and living in The Lodge. (The only other PM not technically married while in office was the then recently widowed John McEwen, who held the top job from late 1967 to early 1968. He married soon after.)

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  • Geoffrey Tobin says:

    02:35pm | 06/08/10

    Wow, two unsubstantiated innuendos in one assertion.  While we’re at it, I heard that Abbott is in fact an animatronic marionette manipulated by the unwashed sixth toe on John Howard’s left foot, which was transplanted illegally from Anne Boleyn’s frozen corpse. Read more »

  • Geoffrey Tobin says:

    12:03am | 05/08/10

    Rosie, the Law of Moses states that de facto equals married. Read more »


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