The Social Network

In one of the earliest scenes in The Social Network, the nerds are shown using the net to rank the hotness of women at their university. That nerds are still using Facebook for these very same purposes a decade on should surprise few.

In recent days a private Facebook group has been exposed as trading in images of women. Of pilfering snaps from the pages of friends, of reposting them, of ranking the women like cuts of meat.

In a surprising twist, a group which clearly demonstrates no ethics apparently has a code of conduct for members including a mandate to never discuss the group, a rule I daresay imposed for fear of outing oneself as a geek, a letch and as a perv rather than to preserve any Stonecutter secrets.

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  • Carol says:

    06:52pm | 03/06/11

    Rating guys is just as bad Erick, if men aren’t allowed to rate women, women aren’t allowed to rate men. Even though the article doesn’t mention it (and really, perhaps it should), I think most intelligent people would apply this principal of equality. A victim is still a victim, regardless… Read more »

  • Matt says:

    11:21am | 24/05/11

    This is the internet, everything you say and do can and will be used against you. Read more »


In 2002, a triumphant Nicole Kidman swooped gawkily onto stage to collect her Best Actress statue for The Hours.

A little girl takes in the glamour of the Oscars at Grand Central Terminal in New York City. Photo: Getty Images.

With war raging in Afghanistan and memories of the 9/11 attacks still fresh, many had wondered whether the ceremony should even go ahead .

“Why do we come to the Academy Awards when the world is in such turmoil?” Kidman’s awkward question rang out over the auditorium. “Because Art is Important.”

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  • MarK says:

    04:33pm | 01/03/11

    Hi GYoung “smile and go outside for a while, or… a movie and forget about the bad shit for a while.” ” for a while, or….....forget about the bad shit for a while.” “for a while” See? Read more »

  • LauraBoBaura says:

    04:16pm | 01/03/11

    GYoung - MarK’s point is completely valid. I don’t think he ever suggested that we should ignore all the bad things that happen in the world, just that it is possible to care about what goes on in the world, and at the same time enjoy what is good in… Read more »


With those Facebook geeks-made-good-then-turned-bad immortalised in the new film The Social Network (that opens today)  it’s been on my mind (geddit, I made a FB joke) about what life might be like if they never cracked the coding for it.

...just enough time to put the finishing touches on my break-up status

How would we know people had hooked up, shacked up, broken up or got knocked up?

People’s nights of debauchery would go unnoticed without the obligatory Sunday arvo upload of pics.

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  • Grant says:

    08:23am | 31/10/10

    A very funny article.  In respect of FB I am thankful to be 41, it’s pretty much optional for my age group and if you don’t reply to friend requests or do any stuff that younger enthusiasts do - no one cares.  My mates wife went overseas for 2 weeks… Read more »

  • Ask a stupid question says:

    11:29am | 29/10/10

    You’d have a better idea than I would, kyzz, but my guess, based on the evidence, is that it’s a cul-de-sac for the world’s stupid. Read more »


The Social Network opens in Australia later this week and whether you couldn’t care less about Facebook or you’re guilty of updating your status every time your toddler passes wind, there’s a lot to think about in this film about the world’s youngest billionaire.

Swap the computer for a typewriter and the sweatshirts for Brooks Brothers and you've got yourself an episode of Mad Men.

The first question viewers will discuss after seeing the story of the man who was just 19 when he created the world-wide internet phenomenon of Facebook will be: is Mark Zuckerberg an asshole?

And judging by the flurry of examination of the issue overseas - the second question will be: is this movie misogynistic/about misogyny?

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  • Chris L says:

    11:16pm | 25/10/10

    Who cares if they do watch porn. I have yet to hear (read) someone explain how they came about the opinion that watching porn leads to thinking of women as objects. Not many guys get sexually aroused by objects. Read more »

  • marley says:

    07:35pm | 25/10/10

    Cate P.  The mid 50s were in fact a whole lot different to the 60s. By about ‘62 or ‘63, the men and women who had gotten a successful foothold on life after the Depression and the war, and were just starting to enjoy a measure of prosperity,  were being… Read more »


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