If the weekend of provocative public talks TEDxSydney accepted your application to be part of their 800-strong audience, then like me, you would have had the privilege of spending your Saturday sitting in a dark room listening to lecturers talk about their work.

Exhibit A.

However if you didn’t make the cut, or couldn’t afford the $160 entrance fee, you’d have been more than welcome to camp out in the hall with the rest of the plebs. The lectures and performances are broadcast free and speakers happily participate in lively Q&A sessions with their eager audience.

TEDxSydney, the local incarnation of the wildly successful TED events (TED standing for Technology, Entertainment and Design), was held at Carriageworks in Sydney over the weekend. Billed as “the ultimate brain spa”, participants were treated to performances from Tim Freedman and Katie Noonan, along with thought-provoking ideas from architects, philosophers and social entrepreneurs.

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  • stephen says:

    08:56pm | 28/05/12

    Asian nations have, especially China, a magnificent cultural heritage, and they have very much to teach us. But as always, a fine culture can cause strife if the associative Political systems do not allow for certain sections of a population to retain their own ‘ignorance’ ... in other words, these… Read more »

  • LJ Dots says:

    07:19pm | 28/05/12

    Thanks M, I will be sure to do that. If only they had a two for one deal with Popular Mechanics. Read more »


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