Going on strike for a week is a big call. It’s never a decision workers take lightly and it happens rarely.

BHP's Saraji open-cut coking coal mine in Bowen Basin, Qld. You work out here, you deserve to be looked after

But this week, over 3,500 coal mine workers from seven central Queensland mines operated by BHP have made that call.

The week-long strike comes after many months of smaller stoppages. But when you’re negotiating with one of the richest companies in the world, it takes something dramatic to get their attention.

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  • Sly grog says:

    03:12pm | 01/03/12

    Flying in overseas workers is not a good solution. Think about the economic consequences of such a statement. Unions are pushing the envelope knowing full well federal election time will bring them back to earth. However more money for Australian workers is good for Australian economy, hence a mining tax.… Read more »

  • Cate says:

    03:07pm | 18/02/12

    Why is there a determination ferom the bleeding whinging Gillard Government and followers that we must cut the legs of companies that put Australia on the Global map.  You are all ingrates.  Whilst our big greedy??? ( I don’t think so) companies remain in Australia and their profits remain in… Read more »


Somewhere in California a student is having a laugh. His name is Alan Joyce and he holds the Twitter handle @Alanjoyce. A number of people, of whom I am one, wrongly added that name to tweets on the grounding of Qantas (If you’re so proud of taking the “hard decision” how about making one about your pay @alanjoyce ? #qantas).

Altogether now: I still call Australia home. Pic: Sam Ruttyn

Fellow tweeps pointed out the error and corrections were quickly posted. I even apologized to Mr @alanjoyce, somewhat pointlessly as the Stanford student understands full well that he does not run an airline any more than the former Hawthorn coach (Alan Joyce) does.

The reason my @alanjoyce tweet got a life of its own was that so many people apparently agreed with the sentiment and retweeted it. Some did not agree but retweeted it too.

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  • cheap oem software says:

    10:31am | 19/08/12

    WtYDWR Im obliged for the article. Will read on… Read more »

  • D Kef. says:

    07:38pm | 22/02/12

    I have managed to save out of my pensions for an annual overseas trip most years. Used to be Qantas. Now any airline but. Until AJ is gone. Read more »


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