St Kilda

Just like that, the St Kilda scandal engulfed another victim.

Kim at the same footy game at which she shouted

On Channel 7’s Sunday Night was a much-hyped interview with Kim’s parents. Kim being the 17-year-old at the centre of the St Kilda scandal. Parents Tony and Susan went on television and spoke of their horror at being called “bad parents”, the death threats levelled against them, and their fears for the safety of their younger daughter, who is just 10.

Then there’s a gratuitous shot of Kim jogging through a park with her little sister. So now everyone knows what this young girl, who is arguably the only innocent one in the whole sordid mess, looks like.

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  • Shane says:

    09:12pm | 09/06/11

    This is classical Mum and Dad wanting the precious girl to be a star no matter what. Wanting to be best friends rather than Mum and Dad wanting to be in the news through their childs abilities although not these her sporting abilities not in the bedroom. Grow up young… Read more »

  • Sarah says:

    11:20am | 04/06/11

    Yes she has made bad decions, but haven’t we all? Yes she is an attention seeker but why blame the parents for her actions? Teenagers are unruly and it must suck to see your daughter being portrayed in a negative light all throughout the media. You don’t actually know the… Read more »


As Lainie Anderson wrote in this piece yesterday, it’s wrong for anyone, let alone the likes of Peter Costello, to cast aspersions on the character of all footballers based on a few sporadic incidents. Because really, when you’re dealing with up to 1,000 blokes between 18 and 32, a bit of Tony Abbott’s favourite phrase is going to happen from time to time.

Those dark foreboding clouds weren't kidding, eh Ricky? Pic: Colin Murty

But this stuff with The Girl at the heart of the St Kilda facebook pictures scandal, and her allegations about big time player agent Ricky Nixon is a bad business. This is some seriously low rent theatre we’re watching now.

Let’s start with the girl first. The 17 year old schoolgirl, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, first came in contact with St Kilda players who visited her school on a footy clinic.

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  • Cogsexcettelo says:

    08:56pm | 12/07/11

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  • hot tub political machine says:

    04:15pm | 23/02/11

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St Kilda, you’ve done it again. After escaping to New Zealand to train in peace after the shocking, dragged-out nude photo-schoolgirl scandal, a group of Saints have disgraced themselves.

Alcohol, drugs and late nights are often on the agenda of young people wanting to have fun. It acts as a form of escapism, as the youths unwittingly rebel against strict team rules, in the case of the four St Kilda bad boys. They’ve been like naughty boys on school camp, rather than a bunch of committed, professional athletes.

What was Zac Dawson thinking? After being caught in an embarrassing photo with a fully naked Nick Reiwoldt (Dawson’s skipper, mind you), Dawson, 24, got up to strife with three younger players - Rhys Stanley, Jack Steven and Paul Cahill. The players have been disciplined, including a six-week ban and a hefty fine each - but they have dented their reputations.

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  • Sugiarta says:

    01:50pm | 02/06/12

    I was under the impression the Brass Monkey was hanivg a BBQ, but you mentioned pies? My friend emailed them last week to organise where we could all go and ask if there was beer specials for non anzcham members as well but he wasn’t emailed back. We ended up… Read more »

  • stephen says:

    12:14pm | 04/02/11

    Mate, I’m always right. Read more »


The “St. Kilda schoolgirl” and Wikileaks founder Julian Assange have, surprisingly, a lot in common.

Photo: AFP.

Bear with me. Just as Assange’s careful trickle of classified cables gave the broadsheets something to write about daily (The Wikileaks Saga: Day 255 -Assange grows beard), the St Kilda school girl’s systematic release of nude and suggestive photos gave her an upper hand over the mainstream news media.

While Assange comes from a journalistic and computer hacker background, and the closest Miss St Kilda has probably come is reading Dolly magazine and getting her MySpace spammed, their strategic release of classified information into the public sphere is, surprisingly, similar.

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  • Elizabeth says:

    12:14am | 06/01/11

    I hope it comes to light who sent her the texts about participating in group sex - the transcript made my flesh crawl. Clearly someone predatory taking advantage and manipulating a vulnerable teenager, using his “status” to demean and use. Once named other women should understand exactly how this man… Read more »

  • Andrew says:

    09:15am | 03/01/11

    Do you trust the governments of the world then, do you, Badger? I don’t ... at least, far from fully. It has always seemed to me that it would be better if they could be made more accountable to the people they are supposed to represent. It is not certain… Read more »


Who is the real victim in the AFL nude scandal case? The 17-year-old girl who alleges she slept with a star AFL player and then was dumped and ignored by his club?

The second-biggest story this December. Cartoon: Peter Nicholson.

Or the other footballers who have been publicly humiliated after homoerotic images of their post-season bonding flooded the net? What makes this scandal problematic is that the young woman’s aggressive, clumsy attempts to exact highly publcised retaliation have left us struggling to identify who is the victim in this grubby scenario.

Both sides in this case are making blatant public grabs to claim the moral high ground and the public’s sympathy, but both have opened themselves up to voracious public condemnation for their behaviour.

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  • Benten says:

    06:23am | 06/04/11

    I’ve been searching in google for some new ideas and accidentally found this web site. I don’t have much to add to the conversation, but I’m right there with you. This post said exactly what I have been thinking. Good to see you posting again. Read more »

  • briperth says:

    12:47pm | 02/01/11

    a child is a child is a child Read more »


Another day, another footballer caught up in a scandal.

Riewoldt fronts the media today. Pic: Norm Oorloff.

Today it’s Riewoldt fronting the media in defence of explicit pictures a teenager posted on Facebook.

He says he asked the photographer to delete the photos. Smart. He didn’t make sure that happened. Dumb.

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  • Barb says:

    01:25pm | 23/12/10

    You go girl! its common knowledge what footballers get up to….naked pic’s if she didn’t take the pic’s, then a guy did a footballer, why in the hell is he taking nude pic’s of his mate…..very strange seems on the verge of gay. She has no one, she’s there by… Read more »

  • Davo from St Kilda says:

    10:09pm | 22/12/10

    @gorgonzola - as far as we football fans are concerned, there is only one true national sport - AFL. rugby and soccer can fight it out for the leftover scraps. Read more »


The Magpies’ 20-year premiership drought is over. Collingwood players were soaking up the sweetest feeling in AFL today after their 56-point annihilation of St Kilda in the Grand Final replay.

Collingwood skipper Nick Maxwell celebrating with fans at the MCG. Photo: AAP

The nervous tension expended in last week’s draw proved to help the Magpies. Today they moved with confidence and precision.

The Pies blew away their cobwebs in last week’s draw. It proved a blessing in disguise as the Pies finally executed on their game plan.

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  • Don says:

    08:25am | 16/11/12

    Its halloween every day at the AFL and they all come dressed the same: as schoolboys Read more »

  • Asmae says:

    07:33pm | 09/03/12

    Follow up to this post   Western Bulldogs and Collingwood lost on the weekend. Not iirprussng really. I refused to let it ruin my Father’s Day, which thanks to Nay and Zac (and the 1.5 litres of German beer) was very enjoyable. Read more »


On the eve of the AFL Grand Final, I wrote just two words. Colliwobble Day.

We can't think of anything else to do with our hands. Picture: Tim Caffara.

It wasn’t a deliberate curse – I was simply acting on a sickly feeling that the Magpies might kind of wobble.

My instincts proved right, when the Pies died in the second half of their Grand Final showdown against the Saints. It’s scary, when you feel those Colliwobbles invading the hallowed turf once more.

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  • Nickk says:

    01:26am | 29/09/10

    Not a Saints fan, but Riewoldt took some amazing grabs in the game, especially in the third quarter. You know nothing about footy if you believe he’s a lousy mark, and that there have been no ‘really good’ marks for 6-7 weeks. Read more »

  • Ricky Smith says:

    10:06am | 28/09/10

    There is this replay because of the existing rule. But if it is a stupid rule we must admit it and change it. Only an ass will continue with such a rule. Read more »


Last week while much of eastern Australia struggled with visibility I had a moment of surprising clarity.

Geelong: somewhat ethused with being the victors

Having ceded control of my diary years ago to my assistant Sav, nowadays I have about three hours visibility in my life. I know what I am doing up till about 10.30am but after midday it starts to get foggy.

And yet for three weeks I was completely aware that I would be in Cairns on Friday, September 25. Even more amazingly I was thinking about what to wear.

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  • DJG says:

    03:00pm | 28/09/09

    Well done! Bastards. Have a thought for us long suffering Saints fans. Read more »

  • Badger says:

    02:06pm | 28/09/09

    If only the Saints had been more accurate with their kicks, the result would have been a lot different !! We will never know will we, well next year then. Read more »


COLLINGWOOD’S stinging loss to Geelong on Saturday night wasn’t a classic case of Colliwobbles.

Hungry for the ball: Gary Ablett

The Cats were at their destructive best, as they are hell bent on avenging last year’s heartbreaking Grand Final loss to Hawthorn.

When you have as someone as passionate as Gary Ablett driving Geelong’s midfield, it is tough to stop their charter to win the 2009 AFL Grand Final against St Kilda.

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  • Darren Parkin says:

    03:13pm | 24/09/09

    My comments never get posted Julie. Just coz i diagree that’s poor form. Read more »

  • Darren Parkin says:

    02:57pm | 24/09/09

    Julie,you should note that St Kilda’s set a 40-year defensive record for least scores concede. You need to reevaluate your incorrect assertion that Geelong has the best defence in the AFL. Read more »


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