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If your household is anything like mine, I’ve got five bucks that says your kids now know a hell of a lot more than they did about gambling before this summer of cricket on Channel Nine.

Ed Cowan, currently paying $18 for having run two without the loss of a wicket. Photo: The Australian

This year’s cricket coverage became one of the most effective vehicles for obsessive gambling the nation has seen.

I am a long way from being a wowser, I enjoy the odd punt and am a frequent and enthusiastic visitor to the greyhounds, always with the kids in tow. But the nature of the outlays being offered on Nine through its new commercial betting partner has not only been incessant, but a bit of an insult to everyone’s intelligence, as so much of it was framed around the kind of moronic chance-based exotic betting which is about as sophisticated as punting on the time-honoured two flies up a wall.

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  • james says:

    05:22pm | 13/01/13

    you owe me 5 bucks Read more »

  • Peter says:

    04:11pm | 13/01/13

    I can’t stand the term nanny state. The laws are there to be obeyed. Now certainly there are always going to be laws that are out of date or just plain silly but on the whole most do makes sense. We’ve all been caught with some kind of traffic infringement… Read more »


By the end of today Australians will have spent just under $800 million on an event which lasts for just over three minutes.

Last year's winner in the two flies up a wall guineas.

According to research by the financial modelling firm IBISWorld, $377.7 million will be spent on fashion and fascinators, booze and canapés, as well as travel and accommodation for those making it to down to Melbourne. Another $404 million will be spent directly on gambling, be it a couple of bucks in the office sweep or the big end of town plunging tens of thousands on their favourite nag.

The total amount: $781.7 million. An extraordinary amount of money by any measure.

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  • Mike says:

    06:30pm | 06/11/12

    Good to see that the Aussie entitlement mentality is alive and well…“we’ll kick and scweam if we don’t get a Melbourne Cup Party !”.  Well, there’s some that don’t and don’t expect one neither. @Nathan, not at the sites I’ve seen, you can watch it when you’re rostered off, in… Read more »

  • David says:

    05:34pm | 06/11/12

    Can this guy not write any articles here, he’s a turn off just like the fly. Read more »


“I don’t know how they take those hits and keep going. I don’t know how they take the big marks. And I really don’t know what I’m doing standing here on the home turn at Flemington while a herd of thoroughbreds thunders towards me.

We simply couldn't help opening three betting accounts while putting this pic together. Oh, and can somebody buy us lunch today please?

“But I do know what punters want. You want to bet with a nice, clean-cut handsome young bloke who doesn’t look like one of the gnarled old bookies of yesteryear with a pork pie hat and an old-school leather satchel…”

Ahem. We interrupt this crudely paraphrased Tom Waterhouse ad to bring you news of the glamourisation of the sports betting industry, a clever marketing trend which is making gambling ever more appealing to the impressionable young.

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  • antman says:

    05:10pm | 12/09/12

    Patersons Stadium. Says it all, really. Read more »

  • Inky says:

    04:54pm | 12/09/12

    I’m still reminded of when an online children’s game I used to play had a whole bunch of its games removed in Australia because of their resemblance of gambling. The nannystate against gambling exists as well, but only to stop 12 year olds from earning neopoints by spinning the Wheel… Read more »


A leading sports betting agency is offering odds of $6 that Prime Minister Julia Gillard will enter the Big Brother house at some stage during the series.

Don't expect a curtain call on the set of Big Brother

We would have thought she’d be about a million-to-one, given she already spends enough of her time hanging around attention-seeking people of limited intelligence. OMG, did we really just say that?

What other unspeakable things do you feel like speaking about today?

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  • stephen says:

    07:38pm | 14/08/12

    Just spotted it ; tonight on 2 at 10pm is a doco on Jeff Carter, who was a very good photographer. He justified - sorry, that’s wrong, I meant excused -  his photo taking with a very politically incorrect, (and probably wrong) scenario ; nevertheless, his Art is superb. Read more »

  • babylon in Canberra says:

    07:22pm | 14/08/12

    Caedrel Regarding the GFC, the only thing the Gillard Government did was give everyone $900 bucks to buy a TV to listen to the $150 mill per year media spin machine they’d constructed. It was the inherited, Self sustaining Mining Industry that got Australia through the GFC.  ... China in… Read more »


Andrew Wilkie has okayed a lame version of the government’s pokies legislation, which he yesterday called a “stepping stone to meaningful reform in the future”.

Wilkie has been chasing clowns instead of ringmasters like TAB Sportsbet's Glenn Munsie. Pic: Cameron Richardson

The guts of the deal is that club ATMs will be able to spit out just $250 worth of pokie playmoney per day, and that pre-commitment to an amount you’re willing to lose will be optional rather than mandatory.

The legislation is now toothless on two fronts. Firstly, optional pre-commitment is like offering a drunk the choice of ejecting himself for obnoxiousness. And secondly, the legislation fails to address the burgeoning arena of sports gambling.

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  • Roddy Sexton says:

    11:48pm | 23/05/12

    It wont be long now until Wilkie is back in Tassie poking around in his rug shop. Read more »

  • Shannon says:

    09:33pm | 23/05/12

    Tom Slaughterhouse… it, and very appropriate Read more »


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