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Tony Abbott yesterday failed to make a case that Julia Gillard had acted in a manner unbecoming of a prime minister by allegedly lying over her involvement in the AWU slush fund scandal. And given the Opposition Leader has actually made the more serious allegation that the PM may have in fact committed a crime, the onus is on him to prove that she did.

Sitting down, but still on her feet

But this was never the object for Abbott. To use the parlance of the pugilist, Abbott is an infighter, not a slugger. He doesn’t go for the knock-out punch. And in this fashion, while Gillard remains on her feet, the internal damage may have already been done.

Where Abbott succeeded yesterday was in delivering on his strategy of leaving Gillard’s leadership battered and bruised as parliament rose for its three-month summer recess. Her plans of going to Christmas with her caucus solidly in her corner, and a new-year election agenda in front of her, have been left a bloodied mess on the political canvas.

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  • Mouse says:

    06:53pm | 30/11/12

    yb, you always bring a smile to my face lol   :o) Read more »

  • Mouse says:

    06:40pm | 30/11/12

    PacifistinPerth, it doesn’t matter what Abbott does, he’s wrong! He stands up and speaks in the House and gillard screams “sexist” and “misogynist”. He stands back and lets his Deputy speak, so he’s “gutless”.  Poor bugga, he can’t win!  lol You have to feel sorry for gillard now though. Even… Read more »


The debate over what Julia Gillard did or should have done 17 years ago is bogged down in the arcane territory of solicitors’ paperwork and a handful of disputed assertions. None of the assertions would lead to accusations of criminality, and the Prime Minister used a press conference yesterday to invite anyone with evidence of law breaking to come forward. As if it hadn’t crossed their mind already.

Oh no you didn't… Picture: Gary Ramage

The paperwork debate, spurred by legally-trained Deputy Liberal Leader Julie Bishop, might establish that 17 years ago Ms Gillard was not a supremely competent solicitor and missed a few tees which needed crossing.

But it is unlikely to produce a police charge. The so-called AWU “scandal” appears to be not only a victim-less crime but a criminal-less one. That is if one makes the difficult decision there has been a crime at all. The Opposition is taking a risk that if it is seen to be chasing a phantom broken law it could look more like Inspector Clouseau than Hercule Poirot. So why is the Opposition chasing this episode so vigorously while the general public is finding it so tedious?

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  • Mouse says:

    06:57pm | 27/11/12

    Christian Real, You have written that Ms Bishop did chat with Mr Blewitt and after talking to him did not find him credible.  The meeting wasn’t secret, it’s in the paper and she is talking about it. She doesn’t find him credible, so I can’t imagine her quoting bits from… Read more »

  • iansand says:

    06:33pm | 27/11/12

    Esteban - I hate to tell you this, but lawyers act for friends and relatives all the time. How do you know what the fee structure between the AWU and S&G?  ow do you know that what she did was not part of that fee deal.  There might have been… Read more »


Let’s not beat about the bush. Tony Abbott tells lies. So what? Is there anything surprising about that? After all, he’s a politician.

Burying the truth under a 100 tonne pile of rubble…

But it needs to be pointed out because the central message from Abbott supporters is that the prime minister is the liar - Ju-liar, in fact, according to the likes of Alan Jones. The opposition leader is portrayed, and portrays himself, as the epitome of honesty. A man whose word can always be trusted.

Abbott’s lieutenants were even pleased when he was tossed out of parliament on Monday because it got his offending comment - accusing Julia Gillard of lying - into the headlines.

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  • Blimey says:

    07:22pm | 25/08/12

    That’s all so lame Gregg and you took so much space to be so lame but no doubt enjoyed it. Read more »

  • Blimey says:

    07:17pm | 25/08/12

    Gregg That’s all so lame Gregg and you took so much space to be so lame but no doubt enjoyed it. Debt as a percent of GDP Greece - 159.4% Australia - 26.9% Canada - 87.0% United States - 71.9% Read more »


Julia Gillard just stood at the podium in the Blue Room in Parliament House fielding a barrage of questions about her conduct as a young lawyer. For about 45 minutes her personal credibility was the only topic of discussion.

I'm an open book… Picture: Gary Ramage

She was clearly furious, but she was also clearly in her element. That sounds like a strange thing to say about a Prime Minister who is being attacked on fronts ranging from the lunatic fringe on the internet to inside her own party.

But if Gillard was this clear and direct in her communication over policy matters she may well be a lot more popular. It was an extraordinary performance.

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  • mark C says:

    07:55pm | 23/08/12

    JLC You haven’t bothered to listen to JG’s speech. Nothing she says is of any interest to you! Says a lot about you and your wish to actually be informed on an issue. I’d say your more rusted on to the rabid right than Daniel is to Getup. Read more »

  • Kingy says:

    07:53pm | 23/08/12

    Crimes? No crimes here - unless you know something diffeernt . And, of course, you don’t. Read more »


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