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London-bound Sky news sports presenter James Bracey has just had a rather interesting morning.

Some saw his totally innocuous cough gesture as something a little cheekier. Bracey refutes that suggestion, as does his regular Sportsline guest Jim Wilson. We’re highly inclined to agree. The two have a great on-air rapport, and it’s unlikely the young presenter would take the piss in that way.

Anyway, it got us thinking about embarrassing stuff that happens at work. Some time in your career, we’re all of us going to look a little silly. Hopefully it won’t happen on national telly as it did with James or this unfortunate booger-loving soccer coach. But what about you? Ever turn up to work on your day off? Get sprung sucking up to the boss? Tell, tell. No one’s listening except hundreds of thousands of Punchers.

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  • Smrmoheb says:

    10:51am | 09/07/12

    ADF is also the largest ocaiactuonpl trainer in Australia Yes, just like days of yore when unions in govt. workshopd used to insist that training be provided so trade skills could be maintained. Of course free marketeers such as yourself found this to be terribly inefficient, privatisation was the answer.… Read more »

  • Ashlee says:

    02:28pm | 08/05/12

    The hand moving instead of his head is what makes me think he’s lying about coughing. Perhaps he is just a weird cougher but I have never seen anyone move their hand like that while coughing. It’s kinda funny though. The most embarrassing thing I’ve had happen? The time I… Read more »


The commonly accepted choice between a stuff-up or a stitch-up is to go with the stuff-up.  Anyone reading the Auditor-General’s report into Labor’s botched tender for the Australia Network television service will reject that accepted wisdom and conclude a stitch-up was more likely.

Soft diplomacy ... winning over the Asia Pacific one pre-schooler at a time.

While the Australia Network may be Australia’s soft diplomacy channel into the Asia-Pacific, Labor’s internal wrangling over who should produce this service has involved anything but soft diplomacy.  A needless internal power game saw the most senior figures in the government face-off over the future direction of the Australia Network.

Sadly, Labor wasn’t content to just battle it out amongst each other.  The owners of Sky News and the ABC were dragged into the fray as proxies in a war over a contract that need not have gone to tender in the first place.

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  • Ian1 says:

    11:32am | 05/04/12

    Labor, and the Judas touch… Read more »

  • Robert Smissen of country SA says:

    05:54pm | 04/04/12

    Surely ye jest! ! First define the average Aussie, that would be the latte sipping Sydney office worker would it? ? ? Read more »


Most people only get one shot at being the target of a lynch mob. I’ve had two in a week.

The truth looks like it hurts. Pic: Craig Greenhill.

Last week, Angry Anderson turned a passionate crowd of thousands against me for accurately reporting the number of people at the rally. Yesterday, it was Alan Jones’s turn.

First, let me clarify that at no point did I feel physically threatened. Even when I saw a dozen burly truck drivers marching towards me (with purpose and an escort of 10 cameras), once a few words were exchanged, I quickly realised they were all calm and reasonable people. Not the same could be said about everyone there.

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  • Duncan says:

    12:18pm | 03/11/11

    Alan Jones is a good example of someone who isn’t honest or manly enough to give a fair commentary. Also as a homosexual he is a disgrace to other gay men who are trying to get approval from the mainstream society as people of substance and not being shallow self… Read more »

  • Disraeli says:

    07:24am | 28/08/11

    Other views of the truck convoy. Laurie Oakes (quoted by Fitzsimons) on Jones “Laurie on lorries As a political commentator, Laurie Oakes has more cred than anyone in the country. On Monday night’s Nine News he used it, admirably, to crush the man who has the least, Alan Jones. The… Read more »


Commercial television’s breakfast programs aren’t for everyone. It’s not compulsory to watch and there are plenty of alternatives.

But the facts are that they connect with their viewers in a more powerful way than their traditional television news formats.

Stop. Don’t start commenting yet. Hear me out and then go your hardest… I’ve broad shoulders (and a sense of humour, check out the clip above).

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  • MsLiss says:

    12:12pm | 24/02/11

    At home after the GFC and watching daytime TV for the first time ever I found myself flicking the channels and watching the ads in preference to the programs….... Kochie fits in well!  But even by the standards of daytime TV something must be slipping.  I’m please to say that… Read more »

  • BP says:

    04:30pm | 10/02/11

    David, you talk about breakfast television being a catalyst for engagement, interaction, connection, even enabling you to care for your viewers. In an optimistic mood I assume that is also why you open yourself up in this opinion forum, to exchange with your audience. So I am genuinely interested in… Read more »


Fight! Fight! Fight!

Hundreds of people have complained to British media regulator Ofcom about the heated exchange between Sky News political editor Adam Boulton and former Blair adviser Alistair Campbell, captured in the video above.

The Guardian reported that the interview between the two men “errupted into a spectacular bunfight” with the news anchor telling Mr Campbell ““I’m fed up with you telling me what I think” and also included a number of pointed finger-jabs.

Many of the complaining members of the British public were said to have been offended by Adam Boulton’s lack of “professionalism” during the exchange. But what do you think? Watch the video and share your thoughts here.

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  • Steve says:

    10:14pm | 18/05/10

    I wish someone over here would give Kerry O’B a good right hander. Read more »

  • Matt says:

    05:07pm | 12/05/10

    Onya Alastair! The British press is terribly partisan (and you know and accept it, as infuriating as it is), but Boulton was way over the top in his coverage. Campbell has been, IMO, wrongly maligned by the British press who needed an evil Machiavelli archetype. He’s a very good spin-doctor… Read more »


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