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Only a few days ago I was talking about how manageable babies are. They sleep when they’re put down, eat what’s in front of them and you can strap them into the pram and walk and it’s a world of fun. Day care is a drop off at 8am and a pick up before 6pm.

If only they were like this all the time… Picture: Thinkstock

My daughter is now 4 years old and everything is a negotiation. How I cut her sandwiches (I am not going to cut them into circles) how I make her chips (long or round) and the inevitable ‘five minutes more’ at the playground, in front of the telly, on the trampoline…

And we’re at ‘the kindy year’ – the five-day fortnight, sign in at 8.30am and sign out at 2.40pm. Everything gets a little more complicated as they get older.So it makes no sense to me about the changes introduced by the Gillard Government.

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  • JTO says:

    06:57pm | 07/01/13

    You ladies have the ultimate responsibility because… um… ah yes… because you can have kids. I think that’s the argument. Sounds totally reasonable to me. Those kids that live with me, that I helped conceive, that I was there when they came into this world, they’re my wife’s kids. Can’t… Read more »

  • Tim says:

    06:50pm | 07/01/13

    Cobbler, And not accepting any boat arrivals at all would be even cheaper. Then we could spend the saved money on accepting more pre processed refugees from overseas camps. Win win for everybody, I wonder why the refugee advocates don’t support such a move? Read more »


When the Federal Government announced the mining tax, the mining industry employed an armada of lobbyists, produced reams of reports and flooded TV stations with advertising to get their point of view across.

Why tax Big Mining when you can hit people like this?

The resulting debate dominated headlines and won the miners major concessions.

Single parents and their children can’t afford well-paid lobbyists or advertising campaigns. In the main they’re too busy with work and family responsibilities to organise themselves.

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  • brian says:

    06:46pm | 15/10/12

    Its an easy solution and a just one too. increase newstart to the same level as the aged pension. we are a country that can afford it. Read more »

  • stormy weather says:

    06:42pm | 15/10/12

    A big concern is the institutionalisation of children. You’re looking at, for example, a 9am-5pm day for mum or dad but it becomes an 8am-6pm day for many kids who are in before/after school care. Very little time to actually spend with my child yet with overwhelming responsibility and no-one… Read more »


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