Secession is a strange, sibilant, lisping sort of a word. Not easy to say after a few schooners. But you can expect to hear more of it in the months ahead. Belgium, Spain, the United Kingdom – perhaps even Australia – are all, to varying degrees, embroiled in the process of national divorce.

Maybe Gina could secede all on her own. Pic: Lyndon Mechielsen (digitally altered)

Secession is the act of exiting or withdrawing from a political union – in this case a State. When a region seeks to secede from a wider union it does more than simply threaten the geographic integrity of a nation; it undermines the legitimacy of the existing constitutional structures; and as a result it casts doubt on the State’s authority.

Australia is not immune from the secessionist virus, as this headline in The West Australian shows: WA’s a big economy on its own. The article went on to note that an independent WA would be the world’s third richest country in terms of GDP per capita; it would soon over take Portugal and Ireland.

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  • Fergal Davis says:

    06:52pm | 28/11/12

    Thank you all for reading the article and taking the time to comment. I enjoyed your lively - if at times irreverent debate:-) A few of you mention Texas. It is post (ed?) My main reasons for leaving it to one side were that I was focused on the Catalan… Read more »

  • Fergal Davis says:

    06:44pm | 28/11/12

    Sorry Jimbo, I wasn’t responsible for the photo. I’m sure no offence was intended. Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment. Read more »


People from Glasgow, the largest city in Scotland, are often typecast by the British media as violent drunks.

Read this caption in a funny accent. Picture: Herald Sun

The stereotype has truth to it. Or had. Just like Australians, Scotsmen love to drink and punch people. Glasgow’s got one of the highest rates of alcohol-related violence in the world. Someone having their face slashed from the corners of their mouth to their ears is known as the “Glasgow grin”, which says a lot about the industrial city’s problem with knife crime.

And in 2004, the UN found it to be the murder capital of Europe. Not really a title you want your city to have when you’re a top cop with the local police, as Karyn McCluskey was at the time. Ms McCluskey has been key in turning Glasgow’s fortunes around – and as king-hit violence leaves young men clinging to life around Australia every weekend, there’s plenty we can learn from what this city has achieved.

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  • acotrel says:

    05:41am | 10/08/12

    ’ and as king-hit violence leaves young men clinging to life around Australia every weekend’ How many ? ? ?  What are you pushing for - a return of the death penalty ?   When solving a problem, we should always look for the root cause.  Alcohol enhances the emotions,… Read more »

  • Last man standing says:

    10:02pm | 09/08/12

    If its not working, change, if that doesnt work, change. Australia is not changing laws fast enough to find a solution Keep in mind Glasgow has a rather large heroin addiction.  Australia has high amphetamine/stimulant usage.  While many users are harmless, the same dickheads that cant handle their piss go… Read more »


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