Santa Claus

I’m all for the Christmas Spirit, but something’s got to give. And this year, it’s not going to be me.

Santa doesn't have time for this

I know I’m heading into Bah Humbug territory here, but I’m going to say what all of us are thinking; there’s only so much charity we can commit to at Christmas.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m all about the festive season and goodwill to all. Heck, I own Paulini’s Christmas album.

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  • j says:

    02:19pm | 24/12/12

    You know you don’t HAVE to celebrate Christmas if you don’t want to. Read more »

  • Ms GOthat says:

    05:05pm | 19/12/12

    Hi guys, I was thinking there had to be an easy way to give back, without feeling guilted into donating every time I walk down the street or the phone rang. That’s why I set up a new organisation, which does the giving when you do the shopping. We… Read more »


I don’t usually quote Rodney Adler. He’s not really my type of role model.

Who nose if he's real or not?

But he said something during the HIH Royal Commission which has stuck with me. I can’t remember the exact context but he was being cross-examined and asked about why he covered up certain financial issues or didn’t report others. His response was: he had to keep the lie alive.

That would have been about 10 years ago now and suddenly “keep the lie alive” is running through my head, particularly now I have a small child and it’s Christmas.

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  • James Leddy says:

    02:17pm | 28/12/11

    Keep it alive. When ours were young and a client had to dress up as Santa, we had him come to the house and took photos of “Santa” putting presents in their stockings. It was just the right time as they were beginning to suspect. Good fun and kept them… Read more »

  • marley says:

    07:29am | 28/12/11

    @acotrel - if you’re the sort of parent who claims to be an expert on everything, to know all the answers, then I might agree with you. Your kids believe everything you say.  The rest of us, however, let our kids see that we’re fallible and imperfect, and don’t have… Read more »


Well, ho, ho, ho. Talk about Christmas spirit. The big department stores are accused of exploiting Christmas by charging more than $20 for a photo with Santa.

How much did that horrible man say this would cost, Mum? Pic: AP.

I, for one, think it’s an excellent idea. Well, they’ve got to do something to make a buck with all those Judases buying cheap stuff online.

In fact, I think they should take this marvellous measure even further…

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  • Christopher Nicholas says:

    02:50pm | 31/05/12

    Well, the way you managed to pen down the situation and hypothetical ones into words is simply amusing and entertaining, and I totally agree – the fact that people are doing their shopping online means the shopping malls have to find ways to survive. Read more »

  • Q says:

    09:23am | 08/12/11

    The cost of the actual photo is irrelevant.  If you were to pay just the cost you would have to provide your own props and costume, dress as Santa, take the photo yourself and you wouldn’t be doing it your local shopping center.  How mean of all those businesses to… Read more »


To be or not to be truthful about Santa? This, for many concerned, Christmas-ing parents, is the question.

Two Christmas fibs rolled into one

I’m always amazed at the number of fully grown humans who insist that the Santa lie preserves the “magic” and “innocence” of Christmas for children.

Ah, yes: a strangely attired man who obscures his identity with facial hair (and has a lap fetish and a naughtiness obsession) is about to break into your home via your chimney. How magic is that.

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  • juicy couture Norge says:

    09:45am | 02/11/12

    I and my pals happened to be examining the good items located on your site and so at once I had a horrible feeling I never thanked the blog owner for those tips. The men ended up as a result happy to read them and have seriously been loving those… Read more »

  • Seth Brundle says:

    07:56pm | 07/12/11

    I like this Ringo fella.  Sounds like his opinions are based on, like, book-learnin’, rather than the usual “make stuff up because it suits my argument” approach to commenting. Read more »


Such are the lows that society has now sunk to that within the Santa Claus persona, you have an example of almost every type of political incorrectness possible.

Fat, happy man or alcoholic slave driver? Photo; AFP.

He embodies everything that is wrong with the world and he must be stopped no matter the cost! 

I give you Exhibit A: his leather belt and boots with white fur trim.

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  • MK says:

    05:49pm | 27/12/10

    What’s disturbing about an army of scooterized Japanese Santas? Read more »

  • nosthow says:

    07:05am | 26/12/10

    @Geoff - thank you Geoff that answered my question ! You sir are a genius. Read more »


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