Mark Twain had the bizarre pleasure of reading his own obituary. It would be a salutary experience.

So far the Falcon is set to finish first… Pic: Supplied

The obit for Australian car manufacturing, however, has the aspect of a soap opera. It’s been running for years with the same grinding inevitability and fading stars.

Rumours that the death have of those one-time Strayan icons –  Ford’s Falcon and Holden’s Commodore – have not in fact been exaggerated were confirmed today at the Detroit motor show. Once the champions in the two-horse race that was the local new car stakes, both nameplates will be sent to the knackery in 2016 (or at best be assigned to imported American models).

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  • elhombre says:

    06:28pm | 16/01/13

    I’m driving a supercharged 4.2L Jaguar XF here. Aussie sticker price was $167,700. I paid $34,000. I like the Falcons and when I come home will buy one (maybe a 12 month old model) and will just have to accept that it is overpirced. Read more »

  • marley says:

    06:18pm | 16/01/13

    Look, the reality is, many, many Australians don’t want big cars.  They live in cities, they commute to work, they do stop and start driving, and the Falcodores simply aren’t the best cars for that.  The problem is not Ford and Holden not getting their marketing across; it’s that Ford… Read more »


Charity: a philanthropic, benevolent or gift-giving organisation. Parasitism: a non-mutual relationship where one organism directly benefits at the expense of another, generally larger, organism.

Leave us ALONE!!!!!!!!! Picture: The Courier-Mail

Thus, a charasite... ?

You know them. Well-meaning, hyper-energetic young people in netball smocks who would just love to talk to you about how much bears, or trees, or whales, or heart research and need your help specifically.

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  • Wickerman says:

    12:27pm | 10/08/12

    @bear - finally somebody understands part of the reason of the tag name. Cheers Read more »

  • shoddy office workers says:

    12:01pm | 10/08/12

    Wow thanks for that stephen, it’s really opened our eyes and made us change our minds about them - Not. Read more »


“Hello, is that Mrs Brooks?”

“No sorry – she hasn’t lived here for about nine years.”

You done did the right thing dial up my ring ring. Pic: AFP

“That’s OK, this isn’t a personal call. If I can just have a moment of your time…”

And so it begins: one of those irritating telemarketing conversations that makes you wish you’d picked up typhoid instead of the telephone.

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  • Anaerlem says:

    08:55am | 25/10/12

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  • crork says:

    02:18pm | 21/10/12

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