Richard Dawkins

Exactly thirteen decades ago, in Down House Cottage, Kent, a coughing Charles Darwin bravely told his wife and children, “I am not the least afraid to die.”

For an educated man, one had an embarrassingly narrow view of the world.

Later that day, the world said goodbye to its most important biologist. The world’s thinkers are still surfing the ripples in his wake.

Not least, Professor Richard Dawkins. Like his hero, Dawkins is disproportionately influential because he enjoys speaking about things well outside his discipline.

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  • KarlMarx says:

    08:18pm | 15/08/12

    “This article is an offensive gish-gallop.” Offensive? Then it must have some truth to it. I’m an atheist and I still believe in evolution. But, Darwin lived in a time when this stuff wasn’t uncommon. So don’t let it surprise you that he would say something like that. Also, here’s… Read more »


Dawkins was snooty. Pell was outwitted. The questions were predictable, as were the mentions of Hitler and Stalin. There were titters at Pell’s reference to ‘preparing’ boys and sniggers when he clumsily criticised Jews as intellectually inferior shepherds.

Come on in, leave your soul at the door!

Last night’s Q and A starring Cardinal George Pell and evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins went pretty much exactly as expected.

But then, an epiphany.  According to Pell, the highest Catholic authority in the land, a man with a direct line to God, ATHEISTS CAN GO TO HEAVEN.

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  • Chirs J says:

    07:49pm | 11/07/12

    What the hell? I get a little sick and tired of all this arguing crap. I know religious people feel they are right becuase they have an experience with god. They never actually meet him. Thats like having a cold chill down your spine and instead of saying it was… Read more »

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I love it when Richard Dawkins comes to town. It’s like Christmas for people who don’t believe in Christmas.

Hooray, it's Christmas time for atheists. Picture: AP.

Even though he’s since departed our fair shores, Dawkins’ wake of influence still ripples like the aftermath of an intellectual tsunami, and if anything you have to give him credit for almost single-handedly putting religious debate back on the map.

The debate that follows Dawkins across the globe is largely confined to the mission of getting rid of this pesky notion of a creator once and for all, by using the atheist mantra “celebrate reason” to expose all who entertain the divine as delusional, idiotic disciples of fairies or flying spaghetti monsters or whatever convenient and patronising analogy fits best. Needless to say, there’s a lot of love in the room.

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  • Matt says:

    01:49pm | 31/12/10

    that’s true. and they follow inherent formulae derived from the famous Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle. No ‘God’ needed. Read more »


If there is a God, he’d be rubbing his hands with glee at the rise of radical atheism.

The brilliant but patronising Richard Dawkins

The pompous pronoucements of Professor Richard Dawkins reinforce the image of atheists as intellectual snobs who look down on those who believe.

Now – I, too, view the Bible as a fantastical fairy tale. But to denigrate those who gain succour from their faith is, at best, patronising and, at worst, counter productive.

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  • Timmo says:

    02:33am | 18/03/10

    It’s all about what it means to you. It may not mean anything to others. Everyone has some belief in these things even athiests. Gathering together may seem to solidify belief but belief is not necessarily true. It may be more to do with the belief that gathering in large… Read more »


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