It has been a tawdry tale told by our tabloid television shows.

Shirley, you cannot be serious. Pic: Channel 7's Today Tonight

A former prostitute who claimed she had serviced MP Craig Thomson has now recanted.

A couple of weeks ago it appeared Channel Nine’s A Current Affair had the scoop; in exchange for $60,000 the woman, whom we’ll refer to as Shirley, would tell the world how she had sex with Mr Thomson, sex he paid for on his union credit card.

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  • Steve Williams says:

    03:13am | 12/06/12

    Look, Shirley is clearly lying. Craig wasn’t there. He was in Melbourne. He was hosting Tiger Woods when he was here for the open. Read more »

  • Bob Dobelina says:

    03:01am | 12/06/12

    I think you sell Glen20 short. I have seen their ads and they claim their spray actually neutralizes the odour unlike their cheaper competitors which are merely deodorizers. Read more »


Some years ago in the most excellent Sydney suburb of Marrickville I had an accidental and unusual encounter with a sex worker.

There goes the neighbourhood. Photo: Bill Hearne

It was late on a Friday afternoon and I was queuing up an ATM so I could buy a mountain of Greek takeaway from the Corinthian Tavern. There was a woman in front of me who looked like she’d been around the block a few times. She was stick-thin, wearing black heels, a sequined skirt, a boob tube, and long black gloves which went up to her elbows.

She tried repeatedly to withdraw money from her account, inserting and re-inserting her card. She started sobbing and cursing. I asked her if she needed cash for a cab or something. No, she said, but asked if she could borrow my mobile.

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  • Angry_Of_Mayfair says:

    08:49pm | 20/05/12

    “Yet in the middle of it all, stuck between two family-run pizza restaurants and about 100m from a Catholic school, there’s a brothel where old pervs come and pay for sex and skulk off down the footpath after their tawdry commercial encounters.” Wow! THAT’S not judgemental at all! Who the… Read more »

  • Carl says:

    07:15am | 20/05/12

    Actually there are a number of brothels in inhabited Canberra suburbs - they are just more discrete - particularly as their clientele is generally senior public servants, Ministerial advisers and the odd MP (not that many MPs as they can generally get what they need at the office). It’s not… Read more »


International Whores Day is commemorated each year in June around the world to acknowledge the origins of the sex workers’ rights movement.

Whores deserve the same rights as other workers

On June 2, 1975, sex workers in Lyon, France decided to protest against the continual police harassment and violence against Lyon’s sex worker community.

This was coupled with the French government’s refusal to meet with the worker representatives or support any legislative changes in the sex Industry.

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It’s tough getting off a slippery slope. But we need our politicians to build an off ramp, quick smart, on the slippery slope known as legal prostitution.

Cartoon: Michael Atchison

Even the hard-nosed readers of The Australian business section must have felt some moral disquiet when they read over the holiday break that the Sydney brothel, Stiletto, could be on the stock market in 2011.

There is something dystopian about a society where mum and dad investors and Super Fund bosses could monitor the stock market on their iPhones to see if their CEO has been working prostitutes productively enough. We will know what kind of society we have become if the stock is reported in the market round-up at the end of the 6pm news each night.

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  • Chris Tony Clabour says:

    01:14am | 17/07/11

    @ Grow Up, Whilst the country might not be run soley on the basis of things that Chris Gardiner approves of, you could always pop into any PCYC in the state of NSW where you will be sure to be told that, that organisation is in-fact run solely by Chris… Read more »

  • True Believer says:

    06:11pm | 14/01/11

    @Dianne: I never said people who say they are Christians are perfect. Any true Christian knows they are just forgiven sinners.  If some turn back to sin that is sad, but their choice. I too have listened non-judgmentally to many, many people’s problems, but I never had to involve myself… Read more »


If Mr Sarkozy does not sack the French Culture Minister, Frederic Mitterrand, the international community should impose a travel ban on the Minister, tout de suite.

French culture Minister Frederic Mitterrand

Mitterrand has reportedly confessed to what he euphemistically describes as “offences against the idea of human dignity” – which is French, it seems, for having sex with young prostitutes in Asia. Part of his defence is that such offences are ‘commonplace’.

Apparently the more commonplace an obviously objectionable practice, the less it has to do with morality.

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  • wxhwdqdpwxb says:

    08:36pm | 03/03/11

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  • acker says:

    02:39pm | 12/10/09

    Amazing how America screams about a Hey Hey balckfaced skit. Yet sits almost in stony silence about bringing convicted peadophile Roman Polanski to trial, and it’s Secretary of State Hilary Clinton offers no comment about the very pro-active role France and this self confessed peadophile French Minister have played supporting… Read more »


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