We Aussies have an endearing tendency towards self-deprecation. We cringe when we see our leaders at important international meetings, convinced they’re being over looked, worried they’ll have no one to talk to.

We're no longer just at the foot of the world…

Will they confuse us for those lederhosen-lovin’ Austrians again?

We question the wisdom of spending $25 million to secure a seat on the United Nations Security Council. What right does little old Australia have to sit at the big table of international affairs? But lets, this Australia Day, set aside all modesty and take a look at the hard facts about Australia’s place in the world. Because when it comes to the economy, it is just no longer true that we are a small and insignificant country.

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  • marley says:

    06:09pm | 23/01/13

    @Simon - I’m crushed. Read more »

  • Gaz says:

    05:24pm | 23/01/13

    @GROBP Yeah I wasn’t a fan of his government, but I reckon he was good at FM. He would be even better if he wasn’t slinking around behind the scenes trying to undermine his bosses and focused on the FM job and that’s all. Read more »


In a previous life, I was a chef. Not a great one, but I do have the little certificate and scars to prove it.

The hours were long. I am sure we have all heard the horror stories of 16 hour days and 80 hour weeks so there is no need to discuss that at length. Anyhow, I decided that my future wasn’t in the kitchen, so university beckoned.

Fast forward a couple of years and university holidays have come around again. On the 11th of November last year, I went on university holidays. I will not go back until the end of February. That’s around 110 days. It is a long time. Even so, it’s apparently not quite long enough.

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  • Rajendra says:

    10:48am | 31/05/12

    We just got back from a week of camping about three hours from home. My fmliay of five, along with my extended fmliay (mom, brothers and sisters and their spouses/kids) all attend as well. It’s a great spot, although not equipped with much in the way of amenities (pit toilets,… Read more »

  • Belinda says:

    08:06am | 27/01/12

    Thats why Im studying @ SCU. I am a full time worker who gets 3 hours a week study leave from work and also time off for exams. Im so grateful for the time off and I take maximum advantage of the three semesters in the year. that way I… Read more »


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