I was standing in my significant other’s kitchen, doing what I usually do: eating her food, creating a mess and accidentally knocking things over.

Pantone may sound like a shampoo, but…

She was letting me do my thing while she read her electricity bill. She slapped it down on the bench. “Jeeeeeeez. Thanks bloody Julia Gillard.”

It was a whopper - like most of them nowadays. According to Australian Bureau of Statistics figures released yesterday, the most significant consumer price rises in the September quarter were for electricity, up more than 15 per cent.

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  • RonaldR says:

    12:29pm | 26/10/12

    If Howard had not lost to labor lead by Rudd -Howard would have introduced the Carbon Tax -  it was another part of him completing the changes to make it it easy to loot Australia of its Wealth -Frazer was supposed to do the changes but to the frustration of… Read more »

  • James says:

    10:01am | 26/10/12

    Direct democracy done properly is real democracy, doesn’t have to be expensive voting can be done on line.  Yeah yeah yeah hackers etc if you bank online you can vote online.  How anyone can call the US a direct democracy baffles me.  I doubt the majority of people would have… Read more »


If you’re a science or nuclear energy buff, you’ll have to excuse us for starting pretty much at the bottom of the knowledge tree here. First of all, let’s define a meltdown: basically it’s when the core of a nuclear reactor is unable to cool, because of some kind of system failure like, oh, a 10 metre wall of sea water crashing into a nuclear power plant. Radiation can then be released, and that’s when things get really dangerous. So is it happening in Japan? Latest reports say no, not yet and hopefully not at all.

Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station. Pic: AP

Click this link for an incredible series of graphics on the internal workings of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station, pictured above. This really is some amazing work the New York Times has done at short notice. There’s another really helpful infographic here:

Despite what appears to be an easing - or at least a temporary containment - of the threat of a major radiation leak, let’s dwell briefly on the worst case scenario. Could we be facing another Three Mile Island or Chernobyl? The answer, according to the Science Media Centre of Japan, is almost certainly no. Read a full Q&A at the SMCJ website here. Highly informative, yet accessible, material. Well done them.

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  • Mel says:

    05:07pm | 15/03/11

    I am most curious about the thorium reactors that have been mentioned a few times on ABC 24, but so far not too much mention on other tv stations. Sounds like it could be a goer - without cooling needs, and without the production of materials for nuclear weapons production. Read more »

  • skepdad says:

    04:10pm | 15/03/11

    @alcotrel: it is my understanding that a comprehensive risk analysis was done, but with Japan’s total lack of natural resources they had a choice of massive energy imports or nuke plants.  Not hard to see how they arrived at the decision, and to be fair the plants have stood up… Read more »


A woman does not have to be a man to succeed in business. And it only appears to be a hell of a lot easier if you are. You can’t argue with the statistics.

Sure they're succesful, but very few women are up for the sacrafices that come with having a position of power. Photo:

Women are poorly represented in positions of power.

But conceding the premise that the number of women in executive positions is dismal does not logically lead to the conclusion that you have to be a man to do well.

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  • Ms P says:

    11:23am | 08/11/10

    Hi Tory, I attended the Don Dunstan Foundation evening last week and I enjoyed all the speeches and debates. One thing has stuck with me ever since. And I pose the question to you… I agree with your sentiment that success is achieving your own personal goals rather than a… Read more »

  • Cate P says:

    09:06pm | 06/11/10

    DG you haven’t sacrificed your career, you have made living a full, balanced and happy life your career.  My husband is the same, and more power to you, real mature men.  You are prepared to sacrifice much for the right things - love and family.  There’s lots of you out… Read more »


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