Pokie Reforms

Father Chris Riley, founder of Youth Off The Streets, is under fire for attacking the proposed pokie reforms and siding with Clubs Australia; all while his charities pocket money from clubs. Here’s another perspective from a respected church leader.

About 2 million people will receive a pamphlet with Fr Chris Riley's message on it. Pic: Daily Telegraph

In the race for headlines and hysteria, the poker machine reform debate has fallen through the cracks of serious social progress. In their eagerness to beat back the Government’s agenda on poker machines, pushing their polished and focus tested ‘license to punt’ line, Big Clubs have churned out an astounding $20 million hoping to hit the jackpot.

Through my work with disadvantaged and discriminated Australians, I saw the implementation of poker machine reform as an opportunity to discuss the facts and impacts of problem gambling in Australia. Disappointingly, the lobbyists and ad agencies have had their way once again, turning an issue that destroys lives and families into yet another expensive political sideshow.

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  • Ianc says:

    01:28pm | 16/12/11

    Wonderful Subotic, in 3 or 4 posts you have evolved from an apologetic sociopath into a selfish fool. Read more »

  • shellshocked says:

    11:47am | 13/12/11

    As a person who’s who’s been affected by a pokie addict, there’s no point in telling an addict to get help from all the free agencies that subotic refers to because in their warped minds they dont think they have a problem! They have ‘reasons’ and ‘excuses’ for gambling, in… Read more »


It’s not often a Government Minister admits to a fatal flaw in their policy, so I congratulate Jenny Macklin for her honesty.

Who else thinks he'd secretly love to play?

On Tuesday, while attacking clubs and the NRL because they are standing up to Labor’s mandatory pre-commitment policy, a policy that could destroy them, Ms Macklin revealed exactly why it will fail.

She wrote: “…before you sit down at the machine you nominate how much you’re willing to lose, set a limit you can afford – and then stick to it”.

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  • dmmaseoseoseo says:

    02:14pm | 13/12/11

    I introduced myself to cigs while I was 14 years old. It ended up the most unfortunate wrong move Ive made. Right now Im older and I have lung cancer. While attempting to give up smoking cigarettes, I heard about the smokeless cigarettes and will give it a try. With… Read more »

  • melle says:

    08:58pm | 07/07/11

    @Fiddler,  Agree completely.  Andrew Wilkie is not a person I would trust. Read more »


Like a lot of parents I have spent my fair share of cold and wintry days on the side of a football field.

Not an entirely natural fit but Steve Mortimer looks convinced. Photo: Pellegrini

I’m also a Victorian, so the shape of the football is a bit different, but the rite of passage – staffing the barbeque, cutting the oranges and sharing the thrills and spills – is a common experience for families across the country.

Game to game, season to season, drinking tea out of a thermos and hearing the coach’s gospel recited over the dinner table, the parents and the kids form a bond.

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  • Harquebus says:

    10:02am | 06/07/11

    It’s only after they are posted that I see my mistakes. Dunno why? Read more »

  • acotrel says:

    09:58pm | 05/07/11

    Motor sport no longer seeks or allows sponsorship/advertising from tobacco manufacturers! Read more »


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