Poker Machine Reform

It’s all well and good to have debated the pre-commitment poker machine legislation back and forth for the last two years, but none of it matters unless gambling venues commit to upholding the responsible conduct of gambling code.

On one occasion, the author found a beer glass filled with a gambler's urine

And clubs aren’t doing that. Or not in my experience anyway.

Drug dealers make money from selling drugs. Prostitutes make their money from sex. For three years I earned a living serving people who destroyed their lives and their families with gambling addictions. The only difference with my trade was, it’s socially acceptable.

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  • Movin On says:

    05:10pm | 07/12/12

    @Thirsty - I used to work in a club before there were note accepters, and I’ll tell you, it makes no difference if they have to come up to the counter. There was still plenty of people willing to come in 4 to 5 days a week and change their… Read more »

  • tez says:

    03:57pm | 07/12/12

    Ray I hate pokies can’t stand the bells and smells. Read more »


Andrew Wilkie has okayed a lame version of the government’s pokies legislation, which he yesterday called a “stepping stone to meaningful reform in the future”.

Wilkie has been chasing clowns instead of ringmasters like TAB Sportsbet's Glenn Munsie. Pic: Cameron Richardson

The guts of the deal is that club ATMs will be able to spit out just $250 worth of pokie playmoney per day, and that pre-commitment to an amount you’re willing to lose will be optional rather than mandatory.

The legislation is now toothless on two fronts. Firstly, optional pre-commitment is like offering a drunk the choice of ejecting himself for obnoxiousness. And secondly, the legislation fails to address the burgeoning arena of sports gambling.

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  • Roddy Sexton says:

    11:48pm | 23/05/12

    It wont be long now until Wilkie is back in Tassie poking around in his rug shop. Read more »

  • Shannon says:

    09:33pm | 23/05/12

    Tom Slaughterhouse… it, and very appropriate Read more »


Those in the business of applying the defibrillators to Julia Gillard’s prime ministership have been quick to talk up her grace and decency during the tent embassy mayhem, while also pointing an accusatory finger at Tony Abbott for inciting the chaos.

Apparently her 2012 plan is to come out with all guns blazing. Pic: Getty Images.

Whatever sympathy Gillard may have received after her frightening ordeal will now be undermined by the resignation late Friday of a junior staffer who had stupidly worded up the protesters as to Abbott’s whereabouts. Nevertheless the PM clearly handled herself with courage and compassion.

The footage revealing her asking the security service to ensure Abbott would also be safely escorted from the restaurant was a credit to her. She didn’t know she was on camera, and there was nothing confected about her concern. Laudable, too, was her comment later that day that her only regret was the violence had disrupted an event recognising the courage of emergency services crews. At a more human level, Gillard simply looked terrified as she was rushed from the building. Only the most jaundiced critic would have felt for her as she was dragged to safety.

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  • ralph lauren polo udsalg says:

    09:17am | 02/11/12

    I intended to compose you that very small word to finally thank you so much as before for those unique views you’ve shared on this site. This has been certainly shockingly generous of you to give without restraint all that a lot of people might have supplied for an e-book… Read more »

  • Dhanendra says:

    02:00pm | 02/06/12

    your arguments seem to poiotsin hostility as if it is always snarling aggression.  If this is truly your belief, then you don’t appear to have been paying attention to the sneakier types of bully during your life, which may indicate some great dollops of good luck on your part, but… Read more »


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