Julie and Reeva Steenkamp had much in common.

It can happen anywhere. Photo: AFP

The former was not a blonde, glamorous model, nor did she date an internationally celebrated athlete.

But she was brutally killed at the hands of her partner, just like Steenkamp. Except you will never read about Julie in the papers or see her on the news.

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  • marley says:

    05:52pm | 06/03/13

    @wakeuppls - look, I’m not denying that women commit abuse, both against partners and against their kids.  But I went to the actual source of some of those citations, and in the US, the rate of child abuse (this includes everything from assault and sexual abuse to emotional abuse and… Read more »

  • I&J Connors says:

    05:51pm | 06/03/13

    Ok..I’ll take a bite,... I can only suspect John is a wind up, trolling… or he has been reading and listening to that American fellow, Alex Jones (?), far,far too much. Read more »


I wake up with Today. And I have since it was hosted by Steve Liebmann and Liz Hayes. Don’t get me wrong. Sunrise is good. I have no complaint. It’s just that having let the Today crew into my house so many years ago, they are now part of the family. It is a simple question of tribal loyalty.

Just part of the furniture. Oops, family

And so, having declared my interest, let me say that I now have a family tiff with the Today Show which needs resolution. The Today Show is refusing to tell us the weather. And not just in relation to a smaller country town; but to a whole nation - a nation of 7 million people.

One of the most loyal audiences for the Today Show is in Papua New Guinea. The show is broadcast into PNG not once, but twice: on the local TV station EMTV (which used to be owned by Channel 9) and on Imparja which airs in Northern Australia.

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  • ronny jonny says:

    05:22pm | 14/12/12

    The run local ads. Tru Kai rice, Digicel, Lynx deodorant, 1 kina mackeral, you name it. They even have their own version of The Voice, Digicel Stars, a much more entertaining program. It is a bit of a cringe fest seeing Karl and Lisa represent our nation and the empty… Read more »

  • Philosopher says:

    03:42pm | 14/12/12

    they probably think broadcasts are made on bongo drums. Read more »


We need to cut our foreign aid budget to help for the reconstruction of Queensland and to help Queenslanders get back on their feet.

This AusAID pic shows PNG villagers using water purification tablets

There are three main reasons why we should look for savings within the aid budget.

First, the aid budget is set to undergo a massive increase in the next few years and there is room for cuts. Currently, according AusAID, the agency that hands out our foreign aid, our aid budget is about $4.3 billion. According to AusAID projections, this will increase to $4.84 billion in 2011-12; $5.53 billion in 2012-13; $6.44 billion in 2013-14; $7.42 billion in 2014-15; and $8.49 billion in 2015-16.

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  • wondering says:

    07:30am | 25/04/12

    I would love to know if Tim Costello ever built any homes for the people out of the Tsumani money.  How much of taxpayer money did or does he spend on air fares and accommodation and taxi services and his credit card. He even took friends overseas with him.  Everything… Read more »

  • Ionut says:

    04:01pm | 10/02/12

    Oh! Dear Alex! Such an asmniug fellow. He does his best to lighten our burdens with his gentle humour… Read more »


It has a population of 6.3 million. It is one of Australia’s two really large recipients of aid.

PNG, just up the road

We are its largest trading partner. It is our 19th. It’s about 400 times closer to us than New Zealand.

Yet for some reason our media and public discourse doesn’t seem to rate the importance of Papua New Guinea. On this website a search on Papua New Guinea yields 23 hits compared to 35 for Spain, 76 for South Africa and 94 for Iran.

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  • Fred says:

    09:38am | 18/10/10

    Why are we the big wealthy neighbour not helping more to integrate the 10 000 asylum seekers on the border with the west? Read more »

  • stephen says:

    07:23pm | 17/10/10

    Are you suggesting that we are part of a larger ignorance : America and South America, and England and Ireland etc ? Well I think you’re right, and I’ve often said that we ignore these closer states at our disadvantage. One of the signs of cultural ignorance (and indeed immaturity),… Read more »


Kokoda has claimed more Australian lives this year than Afghanistan.

The more trekkers who descend on Kokoda, the more casualties

During the last week two trekkers died on the Kokoda Trail, a couple more were evacuated by helicopter and fourteen went down with food poisoning.  Yesterday a campsite that took years to build at Ofi Creek was burned to the ground over an argument between two landowners.

Land disputes now block the wartime trail over the ‘golden staircase’ and Iorabaiwa Ridge – the closest the Japanese army got to Port Moresby in 1942.

The Kokoda Trail, which held so much potential as a model for sustainable eco-tourism in Papua New Guinea is beginning to choke on its own success.

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  • icon archive says:

    11:12am | 05/10/12

    Alas! Unfortunately! Read more »

  • outlet says:

    08:23am | 18/06/12

    My wife and i were very thrilled that John managed to do his preliminary research through the entire precious recommendations he grabbed out of your web pages. It is now and again perplexing to just continually be giving out procedures which others may have been selling. So we grasp we… Read more »


For many it is a pilgrimage and for some it is an honourable adventure.

ADF personnel arrive at Jackson's Airport in Port Moresby yesterday to help with the recovery efforts.

Thousands of Australians each year make the journey to Papua New Guinea in honour of our fallen World War 2 diggers. Each journey is bedevilled with anticipation and anxiety, for walking the Kokoda track is tough and grinding.

The mountains between Port Moresby and Kokoda are forbidding. The towering peaks of green thick foliage and tall trees closely linked to the sheer cliffs dwarf the intermittent rainforests of the range, and the narrow and deep valleys with their raging rivers pose the ultimate challenge during wet weather crossing.

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  • Josh says:

    08:13am | 14/08/09

    I have to point out that the poor souls who died were not fighting an Australian enemy so I don’t think the title ‘Ultimate Sacrafice’ really covers this situation.  I feel for the family’s loss but I believe you needed a better title. Read more »

  • DWest says:

    04:59pm | 13/08/09

    pete m - to clarify your judgements of my ‘rascist rant’, they were comments made by a scarred jungle fighter from 2 generations ago, pre - political correctness. I called them out as being rascist - I chose not to repeat the actual slurs. We can all get along in… Read more »


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