I have Apple TV, BBC iPlayer*and for a while there, I had Foxtel. That’s a lot of money to still not be able to get the shows I want to watch.

Oi Doc, stop trying to watch yourself for free on the reflection

But the ABC is slowly trying to change that by offering the brand new season of Doctor Who on the iView player on Sunday September 8, just hours after it airs for the first time in the UK and a week before it will air on Aussie TV.

ABC1’s controller Brendan Dahill told me that the ABC decided to put Doctor Who online first to reduce piracy because it was clear that people downloading it was a sign that the ABC (and other providers) had not met consumer demand for the series. And he’s absolutely right.

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  • Andrew says:

    07:19pm | 30/08/12

    The same argument has and continues to be made about films. Yet, the funny thing is that the movie industry is FAR from losing out. One look at the box office alone and you can see that they pull in almost 5x the production costs on the week of the… Read more »

  • James O says:

    06:48pm | 30/08/12

    Downloading TV shows and movies has come of age due to the improving broadband technology innovated by the porn industry. It’s fairly easy to download files onto a portable storage device and plug it into your TV via a media device. Just like the CD ,then the DVD and now… Read more »


There is talk of piracy in Canberra today as the Opposition makes clear it is not giving the Government a free pass on asylum seeker management. It is determined to depict the Government as too incompetent and unprepared to implement the policy it jointly supports of sending refugee applicants to Nauru and Manus Island.

The latest entrant to the asylum debate

The accompanying message is that only an Abbott government could really stop the boats and “be in charge of who comes to our country”.

“If you want to have John Howard’s results,” said Opposition Leader Tony Abbott of the partially revived Pacific Solution, “you have to have John Howard’s resolve.” That piracy talk is echoing in Norway where executives of the Wallenius shipping line today must be asking why them as they are again drawn into the unattractive margins of Australia’s asylum seeker debate.

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  • A Concerned Citizen says:

    11:47am | 19/08/12

    Simple. Our law should state that Piracy automatically disqualifies your asylum prospects- along with rioting in detention centers or other extreme actions. Everyone who boarded the hijacked vessel is automatically implicated in the piracy and deported to their country of origin without having their applications considered. This should not only… Read more »

  • Mike says:

    05:26pm | 17/08/12

    @Jeremy, what - the ones who must be so wet that when they arrive on shore, they set fire to the detention centre to dry off ? http://www.abc.net.au/am/content/2011/s3197385.htm We can’t afford to house our own homeless, but we can for people who throw our thanks back in our face ? … Read more »


When I was about six years old, I bought my first album: ABBA. It was the one which featured Agnetha, Frida, Benny and Bjorn in a vintage car on the cover.

OK, hands up who actually paid for this?

Before I engaged in the transaction, my mother advised me that the purchase was going to require all my “big money”. That is, all my 20 and 50 cent pieces. A big deal when you only received 20 cents a week in pocket money.

My mother offered me an alternative: my best friend’s mother (who owned the album) could make me a tape instead. No, I responded. I didn’t want a tape. I wanted to buy the album. In making that decision, I was placing a value on ABBA’s music. And although I did not realise it at the time, that was my first interaction with economics and copyright.

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  • MarkF says:

    05:21pm | 17/08/12

    Thanks Greg didn’t know that.  Pointed your comment out the my son and got the “didn’t you know that dad”.  Umm well obviously not. The old dog tries to learn new tricks but sometimes its a slow process.  Damn now I just have to try and remember my login. Read more »

  • MarkS says:

    09:52am | 17/08/12

    @Ohcomeon “You pirate because you the tech allows you to, just admit it and be happy with that” And I do not fly to the moon by pulling on my shoe laces because I cannot. And your point is? Oh that’s right you are saying I am a lying. That… Read more »


“Illegal music downloading is like casual racism; widespread and inevitable. That doesn’t make it acceptable!” That was a frustrated exclamation from Sydney singer-song writer Josh Pyke during our recent interview.

Avast load of stuff is illegally downloaded, me hearties!

It’s a notion that’s drummed into children from a young age by parents and teachers: “just because everyone’s doing it doesn’t make it right”.

Apparently millions of adult Australians have forgotten that advice, and as a result we’re not only breaking the law en masse, we’re cheating hard-working musicians out of deserved pay. As Pyke says, music piracy is similar to race-based bigotry; inherently wrong yet widely accepted.

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  • Michelle says:

    04:53pm | 27/02/12

    Whatever the arguments you want to make, smaller groups and indie artists can barely cover the costs of professional recording, mixing and mastering due to reduced sales. Lady Ga Ga and Metallica are fine, but my partner’s band, for instance, used to sell 5,000 copies of an album, but now… Read more »

  • Craig says:

    05:54am | 27/02/12

    Marley & Bertrand, to counter your one-eyed comments, I have never pirated music. I no longer buy music either - due to my disgust at the profiteering of. Music publishers. I go to festivals and concerts, listen to the radio and my catalogue of music and buy from self-published artists,… Read more »


Digital Rights Management doesn’t work. DRM is a method of locking digital media so it can’t be shared. Except it fails. For every form of DRM employed, pirates instantly break it.

The author would prefer you bought this, but he knows that if you borrow it from a friend, you might just buy the next one yourself

DRM only inconveniences honest, paying customers. For example, in the case of eBooks, a person might justifiably want to have their book on their PC and their tablet, but DRM can prevent that.

I regularly get Google Alerts about my books being mentioned online and many times it’s when they appear illegally on filesharing sites. For every download like that, it’s a drop of cash not going to keeping food on my table, right? Actually, probably not.

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  • Sarah says:

    02:44pm | 11/07/12

    Holy cow, $0.89 AND DRM-free? Buh-bye market share to iTunes! That’s an anziamg rate, and even iTunes lacks in selection, so I suppose it’s just a matter of time before Amazon hits critical mass with this . . . Read more »

  • Ahmad says:

    10:21am | 09/07/12

    Another great step in the right direction. The files are encoedd with the LAME encoder (which is great). The files are watermarked, but only to identify that they have been downloaded from Amazon, not with personal information. I was a bit disappointed with the selection, but I’ve never shopped I-tunes… Read more »


Doubtless we’ve all seen that gritty urban anti-piracy ad that equates half-inching cars and televisions with illegally downloading movies on the internet.

The message, writ large is “DOWNLOADING PIRATED MOVIES IS STEALING, STEALING IS AGAINST THE LAW”. It’s a fair point, and surely one that only a klepto of the highest order would even attempt to argue with. You would think.

The last time I graced a cinema with my presence, for the umpteenth time my peepers were affronted with the Hollywood sign sized words “YOU WOULDN’T STEAL A CAR”.

Only this time something in me twigged. I instantly turned to my mate and blurted, “Yeah, but I would if I could download one”. And though I happily got the laughs I was after, the saddest part was, it was the truth.

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  • Asaky says:

    04:25pm | 29/02/12

    yeah I love how the artists that are making 6 figures cry because there shits getting pirated.  All I can think its, hey why don’t you work like the rest of the work, in a factory pulling TVs apart from a dump 8-4 everyday for a measly paycheck that can… Read more »

  • Asaky says:

    04:20pm | 29/02/12

    I have never been able to find a small time label band on the pirate bay.  If I do it has 0 seeders if that.  People do not pirate small indy bands because they do not have a big enough fan base to keep the seeders up.  Small bands have… Read more »


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