Peter Fox

Detective Chief Inspector Peter Fox has just joined a very small, specific club; people willing to put their career and reputation on the line in the name of principle, to help others.

Why is this man being punished? Photo: Herald Sun

Julia Gillard’s announcement last night of a Federal Royal Commission into child sex abuse has been a long time coming. But the pressure became too much for the Prime Minister to resist the moment Peter Fox went public late last week with his demand NSW Premier Barry O’Farrell launch an inquiry into a Church and police cover-up.

His bravery was the straw that finally broke the camel’s back.

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  • stephen says:

    06:57pm | 13/11/12

    This Royal Commission will be very important because it will most likely release information to the public during its completion. But it is not a witch-hunt that will attend a reading public’s concern, but might hopefully change the way adults relate to children. (This latter problem, amongst a couple of… Read more »

  • Don says:

    06:41pm | 13/11/12

    It is ironic that a senior police officer could try and coerce Peter Fox’s GP into saying something that wasn’t true whereas priests are not required by law to assist police with actual confessions of serious, heinous crimes. Why is it that the good guy is treated as a criminal… Read more »


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