Oil Spill

The toxic oil spill in the Bay of Plenty will leave tonnes of dirty, sticky fuel on New Zealand beaches.

Trail of destruction. Pic: Getty Images

The clean up will continue today, even as “fist-sized patties about 5mm high” continue to wash up, with the weather hampering efforts to battle the spill from the crashed cargo ship Rena. It’s a looming environmental disaster.

Authorities can’t use booms to stop the spread because of the ocean conditions, and are hoping dispersants will reduce the damage. There is also some speculation marine microbes could help.

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  • gnome says:

    09:11pm | 11/10/11

    So here’s a non-punch quick guide-.  The whole fuel load on the ship was equivalent to about a minute and a quarter’s delivery from the deepwater horizon spill, which has been forgotten now that it was about a year ago and caused no effect.  A non-event blown out of all… Read more »

  • fairsfair says:

    03:55pm | 11/10/11

    Ah, from glowing rock to covered rock! You do live the high life JS Hows the serenity? Read more »


President Obama’s administration and BP’s critics in Congress will be keen to read the Montara oil spill report that Mr David Borthwick, AO PSM gives to Australia’s Minister for Resources, Martin Ferguson today.

How do we stop this happening again? Picture: AFP

Mr Ferguson has been a staunch defender of the operator of the Montara facility and a proud booster of the oil industry generally. It is surprising then, that Australia is not one of the 17 countries who have offered to help clean up the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, according to the US State Department (Although BP has used some Australian resources in the clean up.)

Minister Ferguson is under pressure to release the Montara report quickly, because of the the disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. The Minister’s office has said that he needs ‘a few days’ to read the report, after which it will be put in the public domain.

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  • John A Neve says:

    06:18am | 21/06/10

    Eric, Just because you are unable to think, don’t doubt the ability of others to do so. If BP had not commissioned the drilling for oil at this site, there would not have been an incident. Read more »

  • Timmo says:

    05:40am | 21/06/10

    The way to stop oil spills is obvious. Don’t put oil rigs there in the beginning. No problem then is there?. Same with the oil spill off Queensland recently. Don’t allow oil tankers anywhere near the barrier reef then guess what, No oil spills there?. Now, who would have thought.!… Read more »


The Government of Iceland last night announced Bruce Willis and a team of strapping young oil rig workers would be helicoptered into the heart of Eyjafjallajokull to place a cooling device it is hoped will “switch off” the volcano and prevent further travel disruptions.

We're celebrities and we're here to help

The extraordinary measures were inspired by the US Environment Protection Agency, which has enlisted the help of Hollywood director James Cameron to deal with the catastrophic oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

Which half of this story isn’t true? Ok, it’s the first bit, but the second half sounds delightfully out there.

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  • Google Jobs take says:

    12:37pm | 04/11/10

    Tour Modern,present dead channel arise recognize familiar communication household commitment surface answer same student slip examination apply independent domestic indeed heavy partner train yesterday high exactly tax production price earth true housing sex direct improvement flower speak move seek ask reduce injury reflect currently plan surface appoint mental care technique… Read more »

  • OldGirl says:

    11:04am | 03/06/10

    Tory I saw you on Foxtel the other day on the your far more beautiful that your picture shows, I felt privileged since I come to the punch regularly and I knew exactly what you were talking about, well done!! Hope to see more of you Read more »


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