Sshhh! Would you mind keeping it down that infernal tappity-tap on your keyboards, please? As for the noisesome flapping of your eyelids - think I wouldn’t notice - be so kind as to observe that this is a Quiet Website and you will answer to us…

Silence is bliss

Never mind the screaming kids in your nearest McMall and all the sundry squawking they have inspired among; it’s time to bid a (very tight-lipped) welcome to ... the Quiet Carriage Nazi.

CityRail recently created the Quiet Carriage for those who like to travel on Sydney trains with a little less wear on the eardrums. It’s a simple and pleasant idea – in the rear carriage, talking on a mobile phone, playing music and conducting loud conversations are frowned upon and the concept has been popular, CityRail says.

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  • Sanity says:

    06:52pm | 01/03/13

    Oh dear, someone’s clearly showing their lack of intelligence. I sure as hell hope that you were private schooled. For the record, your argument would be more credible if: 1) you could spell “sufferers” correctly. 2) you realised that the organisation that DOES support Tourette’s in Australia is actually the… Read more »

  • Pattem says:

    04:39pm | 01/03/13

    @AJ in Perth ...out of the Wild West they came… Read more »


Is it time for our libraries to get loud? For background music to joyfully sing out from loudspeakers while members flip through their favourite sections of their local institutions?

The silence is deafening. Photo: Thinkstock

For mums to discuss bedtime books for their children over a well made latte (yep, you guessed it, with the sound of a library cafe’s coffee machine hissing along with their conversation).

For book club discussions to rise and fall with the passion of the group, for students’ laughter and cookie munching to be heard at study tables and whole conversations to be voiced within the libraries’ venerated walls.

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  • Filiz says:

    12:52pm | 31/05/12

    i’d say there are at least 5 types in an academic lrriaby: the cell phone users who think we want to hear their conversations, the “let’s hide the journal issue that everyone in my class needs” type, the “spill coffee on the computer workstation but don’t report it”, the “computer… Read more »

  • Helen says:

    11:39am | 02/08/11

    “Tom and Brian b, did you have to bring politics into a post about libraries? Is nowhere safe??? “ Because the Baillieu government is cutting funds to libraries, no, it’s not possible to avoid politics in a discussion about them. And it’s a bit sad that this piece was just… Read more »


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