Newtown Massacre

Plenty of foolish excuses come out of the mouths of pro-gun advocates following tragedies like the recent massacre in Connecticut.  However, nothing can hold a candle to Mike Huckabee, former Governor of that bastion of human progress – Arkansas, and a man who once sought the highest office in America. 

I've got three pockets in my overalls… Pic: AP

He even outdid his own previous most ridiculous comment, namely that America would be better off if everyone was “forced at gunpoint to listen to every David Barton message”.

David Barton is an evangelical Christian conservative who argues that the separation of Church and State in the US Constitution is based on a historical porky. I would say he is the David Irving of American Constitutional History; a revisionist on the fringes of history academia, except he isn’t – he has no formal qualifications in either law or history.  A stroll on his Wikipedia page tells me that his most recent book won an award as “the least credible history book in print.”

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  • Ben says:

    06:47pm | 21/12/12

    Given all 43 Presidents have been Christians (at least publicly), which god do you think it was referring to, Mr Jordan? Incidentally, did you notice ‘God’ as labelled on the currency is a proper noun? Read more »

  • Roland says:

    06:09pm | 21/12/12

    I’m also about to graduate from a European university - the commies are just taking over huh?!  (When did separation of church and state become a ‘leftist’ cause?) #redsunderthebed Read more »


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