Today’s moral dilemma comes from “Anon”:


We live in a block of twelve flats in a nice quiet “leafy” suburb of Sydney with lovely neighbours and so on - with one exception. The lady representing the body corporate also lives in the block but appears to be suffering from some kind of mental illness.

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  • Lish says:

    05:42pm | 17/06/12

    Being depressed doesn’t necessarily render you incompetent. If they are depressed whilst managing stressful job they should be applauded. Would you suggest a person whose spouse had just died would be incompetent in grief? Possibly but not necessarily. Read more »

  • Kipling says:

    01:49pm | 16/06/12

    I am more than a bit curious. Why ask us lot if it is ok to ignore mental illness? Why would you not be asking successive State and Federal Governments if it is ok, after all, they have made it an art form almost…. Read more »


An unfortunate side-effect of civilization and the development of agriculture and industry is that people often have to live near other people.

Mrs Mangel from Neighbours wasn't having one of her better days

Sometimes, these people are warm, friendly folk who watch your house while you’re away, say good morning in cheery tones and resist the urge to viciously puncture every spherical object that lands over their fence as a result of your children’s poor coordination.

Sometimes, however, they are like Paul Hayward of South Wales (in the UK, NOT New South Wales), who spent a decade tormenting his neighbours by throwing eggs, stones and rubbish at their houses, sending hundreds of cabs and take away orders to their homes and even having two tons of coal delivered to their door.

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  • Pink UGGs says:

    09:51am | 16/11/12

    Mr. Smith taught English at a school.It’s a long story.He was efficient in his work.I’m glad to see you againTake me to the airport£¬please.I bought it the day it was released.I bought it the day it was released.It’s a fine day.He is acting an old man.Please ask her to call… Read more »

  • min says:

    11:39am | 02/05/12

    I am in a very quiet spot set back from the street behind the other houses with a shared (with one other house) private laneway/driveway leading to the house and backing onto an oval, I own my house. The owners of the house nextdoor had two delightful little girls and… Read more »


Channel Ten soapie, Neighbours is so far behind the times all that’s missing from the Ramsay Street set is an FJ Holden and a Hills Hoist washing line.

Next week on hit Aussie show Neighbours: women get the vote

Case in point: last night’s episode of the popular show where male gay characters, Chris and Aiden, share their first on-screen kiss.

Well, whoop de do. Feels a little bit 1985, especially for a show that’s dominated its time slot for 27 years. Surely that’s time enough to understand your audience? So what’s taken them so long to get on board with gay relationships?

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  • daviddaum says:

    07:32pm | 05/06/12

    The average person is also ‘hideously ugly.’ So why is it that everyone on neighbours is either handsome or pretty… Shouldn’t their faces represent the average make up of the population? Why is Ringo so hot? Why can’t we instead have a socially awkward, hunched, pimple faced, skinny neck, loser?… Read more »

  • Norm says:

    07:08am | 17/04/12

    Why does Neighbours rabbit on about bloody AFL and Rugby League gets no mention at all, its very discriminatory and it blows! Read more »


As the well-worn song goes, everybody needs good neighbours. But how many of us even know who our neighbours are?

That's right Harold, it's farewell to the days of over-the-fence interaction.

The days of passing a cup of flour over the fence, back lane barbeques and collecting each other’s mail have faded into obscurity. They’re totally, utterly gone. Replaced by cranky, surly, aloof and self-interested people who just happen to live next door to each other. Guarding their compost bins and tending to their own backyards. Or filming someone else’s. Yes, filming. But we’ll get to that.

As reported yesterday, the Local Government Association of NSW is meeting this week to debate 100 or so separate items that are dividing the fences and driveways of our sunny state. Items on the agenda include: the rights of harangued neighbours to film each other, stinky nappy disposal and people who ride motorbikes on other people’s front lawns.

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  • Veanna says:

    01:37pm | 23/11/11

    Your anewsr was just what I needed. It’s made my day! Read more »

  • Marv says:

    03:05pm | 21/11/11

    I found myself nodding my noggin all the way trhuogh. Read more »


It won’t be long before Andrew Bolt has a cameo on Neighbours discussing validity of climate change with Harold Bishop. (Yes, we know we mentioned Harold on The Punch yesterday - sorry. Ed.)
So this very nice man was telling me that all this AGW is bunkum. Photo: Ben Swinnerton

Network promotions departments assume you could easily digest Mr Bolt popping up on Ramsay Street without any real thoughts about why he is there. This is exactly why underhanded cross promotion is becoming ubiquitous. Your favourite shows are being morphed into unbearably bland advertisements for the network.

Promotional departments shamelessly hijack mostly live TV, from sporting events to the news, sneakily forcing the hosts to endorse shows that need a bit of a ratings oomph.

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  • oscifecemig says:

    06:32am | 12/01/13

    There are undoubtedly a whole lot of details like that to take into consideration. That is a great point to bring up. I give the thoughts above as general inspiration but clearly you will discover questions like the one you bring up where the most imperative factor is going to… Read more »

  • cssxaee says:

    11:36pm | 25/09/11

    2eC0ZR ybzojrimtmeh, omyjxeppgwso, [link=]gphkquyrzmww[/link], Read more »


It has been 26 years and 6000-odd episodes since Danny Ramsay first rode his Malvern Star along Ramsay Street, marking the beginning of the soap phenomenon Neighbours.

One of Neighbours' most loved characters, never strays far from Ramsay St.

That first episode, eager to impress, showed Danny experiencing a nightmare with homoerotic and incestuous overtones, about his brother Shane (in Speedos) diving to his death. Sweaty Danny thrashes around in his bed to the sounds of the decadent bucks’ party next door.

Neighbours would later launch the Hollywood career of Guy Pearce and turn Kylie the talking budgie into a singing one, but for me that first instalment has been a rare highlight.

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  • pietro says:

    11:19am | 11/06/11

    I thought their name was Lavvy and Stab. Read more »

  • Leanne says:

    10:30am | 11/06/11

    Director at screen tests for Neighbours and Home and away:  “Can you act?” Actor: “No.  Can’t act for quids” Director:  “Are you considered hot?” Actor: “Yes.” Director:  “Right, you’re in” Read more »


I have a secret shame. I watch Neighbours and I like it.

For years I’ve felt the judging looks and sneering comments when people find out I like to watch Neighbours. After clarifying that I like to watch the TV show and not my actual neighbours, the judgement is usually even harsher.

People think I’m lame and need to get out more. While this may be true, it has nothing to do with the quality drama that airs weeknights at 6.30pm on Ten. I think it is a great show and is as ingrained in Australian culture as the 4am kebab is to Saturday night.

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  • Sophie F says:

    10:44am | 31/08/10

    Obviously a Home and Away fan… Read more »

  • Harquebus says:

    05:49pm | 27/08/10

    Miranda, you are everything that is wrong with this country. Only a dillbrain would get off on that mindless Aussie drivel and only a fool would admit it. Read more »


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