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Foreign investors have been snapping at the heels of Aussie farms. In spite of Cyclone Yasi, fires, floods, supermarket wars, the carbon tax and the coal seam gas industry, more than $180m worth of blue-chip farming land has been sold in south-eastern Australia since last spring, with continued interest reported from Europe, United States and China.

So Bluey, shall we sell this lot off to China?

In other words, the world is hungry. According to the UN, the planet has 80 million new mouths to feed and by 2050, 70 per cent of people will live in urban areas. It’s no big surprise then that everyone wants a bit of Australia.

Aussie farms are a sound investment. Of the 135,996 farms in Australia, 120,941 operate as agricultural producers. The cattle, wheat and milk industries generate 12 per cent of the national GDP, a rate that’s growing. But if we sell it all off to the highest bidder, what will that mean for the future of Australian farming?

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  • Morten says:

    12:18pm | 10/02/12

    December 13, 2010 @ 2:00 pmWhy don't you write a rvieew of the book for us? It doesn't need to be a long one. The paragraph you've already written is great as is. Maybe add another paragraph summarising the book's structure. Read more »

  • A Weary Farmer says:

    09:07am | 12/01/12

    There are three issues here that need to be addressed. 1. Stop pulling out the old rascist plug to stop any further discussion or inquiry. European investors have historically made profit by standard Australian practise, that is, selling produce locally or exporting on our tradtional markets, keeping our export chains… Read more »


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