Caption competition! So here’s a man on a motorbike snapped near Bingara, NSW yesterday…

The initiation ceremony for the feared Undiedos gang

As you can see, the man on the motorbike isn’t wearing much. Where was he going? Why is he wearing nothing? And is that a bum bag around his waist? What kind of self-respecting semi-nude bikie wears a bum bag?

Please help. The world is just too confusing for us these days. Oh, and if anything else is puzzling you, please share that too.

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  • stephen says:

    06:32pm | 29/11/12

    The Prime Minister has made a mistake in not standing her ground on the Palestinian vote. She should have voted ‘No’ to the inclusion of Palestine as Observer to the UN. We should have sided with the US on this, and been supporters of Israel against the supposed 150 countries… Read more »

  • Economist says:

    06:24pm | 29/11/12

    AdamC you are right those figures were crap. Read more »


It’s difficult to demand safer roads for motorcycle riders in a week when a 21-year-old L-plater lost his licence for texting while travelling at high speed down Sydney’s M2 on his Ducati Monster.

... this guy can take care of himself but. Idiot.

If bike riders are too stupid to look after themselves, why should we expect public authorities to spend time and money doing the job for us?

Fortunately one federal MP and long-term bike rider has persisted in this cause with a timely warning to Parliament. Australia’s one million motorbike owners deserve more attention from road safety experts, the Nationals’ Luke Hartsuyker, shadow minister for youth and sport, has said.

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  • Dennis says:

    07:19pm | 05/06/12

    Everytime I look at that photo, I can’t believe that he’s still in one piece. I’ve been riding over 20 years and I’ve never seen anything like that. I did Tassie, 2 years back and came off when the front wheel slipped. Luckily I only broke my left mirror and… Read more »

  • M says:

    01:38pm | 02/06/12

    Meh, Petrol will be so expensive in a few years time that everyone will be riding bikes. Read more »


Inner-city Australia is getting an Italianate look, and it’s not from the overwhelming belief that eating on the footpath among exhaust fumes and bus queues is a badge of continental sophistication.

Spotted idling near a walking track around Lake Burley-Griffin

It’s the increasing presence of scooters. City centres are being Vespa-ised, Aprilia-cated, VMoto-ed, and not a little Piaggio-ified.

The striking response to rising petrol prices and clogged roads has been a growth in the scooter fleet which would be at home in Rome. During the first half of the year, scooters sales in Australia rose 14.3 per cent over the same period in 2010. That means nearly 6000 were sold, compared to just over 5000 in the first six months of last year.

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  • Lisa H. says:

    06:41pm | 31/07/11

    Jourmalists get to dominate the (public) conversation every day. Punch journalists who comment AFTER they’ve already had a go in the story look thin-skinned and unprofessional to me. But Malcolm (and the other Punch repeat offenders) know best, I’m sure. Read more »

  • A different Rosie says:

    01:02pm | 31/07/11

    Nah, don’t do that Mal.  Lots of us are enjoying the break. Read more »


Motorcyclists stand up and take a bow—preferably after you’ve turned off your engines. You have become a political lobby group representing men and, increasingly, women of all ages, and are revving up influence at all levels of government.

Get your motor running. Mal Farr on his motorbike. Picture: Ray Strange

Unlike those other two-wheelers, the Lycra dandies on bicycles who contribute no registration fees but demand exclusive use of great slabs of road, motorcycle riders pay their own way and ask for little.

Well, they used to ask for little. Now they are making demands, and the consequence will be less traffic congestion, lower pollution levels, and more money in household budgets.

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  • Tony says:

    09:02am | 02/11/11

    Danger is purely relative and we need to put risks into perspective. Flinders Uni’s accident research centre has found that horseriding and downhill skiing are about 10 times more dangerous than motorcycling, and them’s the facts. One death or serious injury every 1000 hours of horseriding or skiing - one… Read more »

  • GB says:

    09:57pm | 01/11/11

    What utter rubbish Rob. Where do you get your data from, as the actual statistics show over the last 5 years that despite MORE motorcyclists being on Australian roads, accident and injury rates have DROPPED in real terms. At least be honest. Read more »


I have taken unto myself a motorbike and it is a beautiful and joyous thing. For others it is a sign of my mental collapse and advanced desperation.

These guys are shaking in their motorcycle boots at news of the formation of the Hells Hacks.

There has been a procession of arched eyebrows and the diagnosis of a mid-life a crisis from those who believe I should be confining myself to inspections of nice retirement villages.

I acknowledge that I am north of 50 and a shortish commute to 60, but it is foolish to make sweeping statements about an age group. (Gen Y does it all the time). And I’m having too much fun to worry.

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  • Buckets says:

    09:30am | 17/07/09

    Welcome back to living, not just surviving… Oh, and do get involved with the MCC of NSW. Good bunch of people. Read more »

  • ASuzi says:

    12:09pm | 16/07/09

    Good for you. I got my L’s at 37 & pretty much got the same response from friends/relatievs you did! but due to circumstances they lapsed:( I will go again as soon as I can. Absolutely love, love, love it! Ride like the wind Mal, shiny side up! Read more »


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