After a torrent of undiplomatic language in the days after they discovered that Israel had used forged Australian passports in the assassination plot against a terrorist gun dealer in Dubai, Kevin Rudd and Stephen Smith have fallen silent.

About as full on as it will get, Israeli ambassador Yuval Rotem is summonsed to see the Foreign Minister. Picture: Nine

The British Government has stepped up its diplomatic offensive against Tel Aviv over the passport scandal by expelling Mossad’s London station chief, but Canberra has so far not followed suit although we have abstained from a vote in the United Nations.

Britain has a much more robust tradition of hard headed diplomacy than Australia. Our diplomats are trained to whisper and dance a two-step with the devil rather than risk the megaphone and a public confrontation.

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  • Mennycoerly says:

    02:17pm | 13/12/12

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  • joanne says:

    11:25am | 30/03/10

    stephen as recently as 2 years ago Nelson Mandela is a listed terrist in USA. Haman listed as terrist is only because Jaws controls USA and western in general. One only need to have a look at Palestinian living conditions to understand to the injustices done to them. furthermore Israel… Read more »


In the latest development in the fake passport controversy, Britain has expelled a senior Israeli diplomat and demanded a public assurance that Israel will not misuse British passports again.

It's a small price to pay

This is in response to Israel’s Mossad spy agency allegedly killing a Hamas leader in Dubai in January, with the assassination team using forged foreign passports, including at least three from Australia.

However, you don’t have to be a chest thumping, Alexander Downer-like armchair warrior who relishes assassination to realise that western countries, including Australia, are overreacting.

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  • Viviane says:

    05:53pm | 09/03/12

    I read all the Anti Israeli remarks and I wendor why Hamas gets a pass on the daily killing, or the daily venom that they spew out of their mouths.There is plenty of people talking about civilians being killed, or the school that got shot at, but what about the… Read more »

  • Dan says:

    06:25am | 30/03/10

    Paine, do whatever you want. However, you have only proved how ignorant you are (not just about international relations but about logic and debate), and how arrogant you are to think you have the capacity to judge other people, especially when they are involved in discussions which do not concern… Read more »


To the casual observer the Israeli embassy in Canberra looks like any other diplomatic mission in the leafy suburbs of Deakin and Yarralumla. Appearances can be deceiving.

The Israeli Embassy in Yarralumla, Canberra. Picture: John Feder

The inside of Israel’s chancery building is more like a mini-fortress than the well-to-do family home visible from the street. Visitors are treated with all the caution you would expect from the world’s most suspicious and fearful regime whose enemies are everywhere, even quiet and peaceful Canberra.

There are no friendly receptionists offering cups of tea and visitors are greeted by lean looking men with crew cuts and bulges under their arms, ear pieces permanently in place. There are no smiles, no small talk, just searches, scans and an array of CCTV cameras.

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  • Dan says:

    09:25pm | 02/03/10

    Pine, the only thing tiresome is that you presuume to know more about logical fallacies than I do. I don’t need to google anything; perhaps you should! (BTW there is a difference, but then you wouldn’t know much about that would you?) Read more »

  • James says:

    03:29pm | 02/03/10

    Well the proof will be in the pudding as to whether this makes Israelies safer or not.  Ultimately I don’t think you can secure peace by killing people. Read more »


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