I was born in 1969, about two months after Neil Armstrong walked on the moon. My whole life, the moon exploration file has sat in the outbox of humanity’s To-Do list.

Our footprint is even deeper on earth. Pic: AP

My generation, and those brilliant if cocky Gen Ys and Zs who’ve followed, have all grown up in a world where we believe anything is possible, and not just because of all those sneakers ads. The theme of the JFK-inspired lunar program, as evidenced by those famous Armstrong words upon touching the lunar surface, was all about a giant leap for mankind.

In truth, NASA’s lunar conquest was more about asserting American superiority in a world then divided by an invisible iron curtain, than it was about the potential of the human race as a whole. All the same, the latter message lives on today. We can do anything. All of us. America’s moon landing was everyone’s moon landing, and for that, we have Armstrong to thank.

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  • monkeymind says:

    07:59pm | 27/08/12

    I am sure Cook was told the same thing. “When a distinguished but elderly scientist states that something is possible, he is almost certainly right. When he states that something is impossible, he is very probably wrong.” when did you get your Phd? Read more »

  • Chris says:

    07:21pm | 27/08/12

    @PW: Yes, but its closest is about 54 million km, and it hasn’t been that close in recorded history. Some of the others: so, you seriously think that such an undertaking is going to be possible and worthwhile. Okay, that about says it all. Humanity has a fine history of… Read more »


Photography in space had a slow start. The first American to orbit the earth was John Glenn, the addition of a 35mm camera to his equipment on board Friendship 7 in February 1962 was according to NASA’s official history website “an afterthought”

Buzz Aldrin on the moon with with photographer/astronaut Neil Armstrong reflected in his visor

“An Ansco Autoset 35mm Minolta was bought at a drugstore and hastily modified so the astronaut could use it more easily in a pressure suit.” The website goes on to tell us.

Little it seems was expected of these early attempts at photographs in space.

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  • Morrie says:

    09:59am | 17/10/11

    Shoot, who would have tohhgut that it was that easy? Read more »

  • teexunuse says:

    06:55pm | 01/12/10

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The moon landing captured the world’s collective imagination in a way that has been unparalleled either before or since.

This is part of the the newly digitally-enhanced NASA footage of the landing:

Humanity’s will to discover has been the engine room of progress and Neil Armstrong’s steps on the moon are perhaps humanity’s greatest achievement of discovery and a most magnificent triumph of the will.

It was an achievement born of one President’s declaration combined with seven years of political will to realise it. 

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  • Payton L. Inkletter says:

    03:26am | 22/07/09

    The real conspiracy that needs to be exposed is how the Yanks covered up Australia’s moon landing the day before they got there. Nevertheless Richard, the Aussie flag still ‘flies’ in the Sea of Teabilly, as these photos prove with a google web search: ‘CAPE YORK Australia’s secret weapon in… Read more »

  • Razor says:

    05:06pm | 21/07/09

    Those who are unaware of Australia’s fledgling space industry would be astounded by the scale of the launch facilties that now lie in ruins at Woomera. Read more »


I have a theory that about 90 per cent of the viewer interest in motor sport of any kind is the potential to watch serious crashes.

Earth's horizon seen from Space Shuttle Endeavour. Photo: NASA

Just look at what they show from the “highlights” of the Daytona series on Sports Tonight – it’s 40 cars doing quadruple flips over each other at 200 kilometres with the commentator yelling “whoa mamma!”

As space shuttle Endeavour waits on the Florida tarmac like so many QANTAS “express” flights, any interest we maintain in the NASA space program has similarly boiled down to the initial take-off explosion and whether or not the shuttle will blow-up before it touches back home. This is a shame because space exploration is an amazing and important human achievement.

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  • Rhonny says:

    06:03am | 22/11/12

    Reply to Straight Talk You can find out much more about drill ship and semis availability and age, by going to the net.You can find acuatl rig counts in any part of the world, just about. It is not only rigs, on and offshore, that are in drastic short supply,… Read more »

  • Madalena says:

    05:02pm | 21/11/12

    , it is time to give kudos to a leader and good gvoarnence.PM Thompson and his Cabinet have just actioned two issues that we have raised in the past.The first, raised some time ago, is the appointment of temproary workers.Having these workers in temporary’ positions for substantial time, greater than… Read more »


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