Over the last five decades, Australia has experienced a cultural transformation due to increased migration. Migration brings with it some serious challenges. Family dynamics and gender roles change. You lose social networks and cultural identity. Then there’s the difficulty of interpreting and negotiating a new legal system.

Bottoms up… this will help society a lot more than it hurts you

Yet one of the biggest challenges, that indeed divides Australian society, is that of parenting and parenting rules.

Parenting in the new culture brings with it many intergenerational conflicts, simply because family values differ across cultures. Traditional parenting practices used in the home country may not be the norm in the new one.

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  • Tony says:

    01:28pm | 15/08/12

    I must admit I smacked our children at times when they were small. It think it would, generally, be ridiculous for people to be subjected to legal action for smacking their children. In my opinion, action from authorities only has a place where the physical punishment has become excessive. Both… Read more »

  • alec says:

    09:35am | 15/08/12

    Children that swears are definitely smacked in our house…friends l know that allow their children to swear or deliberately misbehave are not welcomed ..it is the parents job to set the young child on the correct polite road of life, what they decide later in their own lives is up… Read more »


In any discussion about how best to manage migration in this country, there needs to be a line. And that line is the same one that traces the borders of Australia’s coastline. Every single dollar that we spend on the essential and important task of looking after migrants in Australia, should be spent within the borders of this country. And Abla Kadous has crossed it.

Migrants have every right to fly home, at their own expense. Photo: News.com.au

The president of The Islamic Women’s Welfare Association has suggested the federal government subsidise regular travel for recent migrants back to their native countries, to visit loved ones, as they settle into life in Australia.

Not surprisingly, Ms Kadous has already copped a lot of flak for this suggestion.

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  • Rod says:

    01:47pm | 18/02/12

    Seriously? is this even note worthy? You flew into this country to search for a better life and then you expect the government to subsidies your flights back home. Totally outrageous. We have pensioners and different people from all walks of life doing it tough here and you muslims expect… Read more »

  • Angloethnic says:

    02:56pm | 14/02/12

    The Australian government had been paying for migrants trips home for years before this year when they cancelled the scheme. It’s called LAFHA. If you don’t know what it is just find a Pom who works near you and ask them to explain Living Away From Home Allowance. Then watch… Read more »


I love Australia Day. I love celebrating what this country is all about. But you know what I hate about Australia Day?

Tan Le, one of Australia's most succesful business women was also a refugee. Photo: Andrew Campbell.

I hate blonde-haired, blue-eyed yobbos prancing about in the Australian flag who intimidate people who don’t look like them.

I hate the drunk bloke who told me in Chinatown the other night that I had the personality of a rubber glove (fair enough, that’s his view) but then turns to my Sri Lankan-born son-in-law and says the problem with this country is “the coloureds”.

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  • wralsRag says:

    10:11am | 25/09/12

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  • MBC says:

    09:47am | 12/04/12

    Hi Kitty, I happened to come across Kochie’s post today morning and couldn’t avoid replying to your comment. I am a Sri Lankan born who is a Student and who is looking forward to Live in this fabulous country. I have to say I completely agree with you that lot… Read more »


Here’s an offer too good to refuse.  Start work at 6.30 – if you’re lucky – with no idea how many minimum-wage hours you’ll work.

In some workplaces not much has changed since the Great Depression.

You are there because your employer last night sent out a text message telling you there was a shift available.  Every night you wait for your text to tell you if you’ll be working the next day or not.

You know that even if you ask for something simple, like a couple of days off for the birth of your child, there’s a solid chance your job won’t be there for you when you return.

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  • deb says:

    05:29am | 16/11/10

    i know a woman who worked twelve hours a day. rwo casual jobs.got to the point she was so tired and bitchy that she couldnt do either properly.she was sacked from one and nearly had a breakdown.couldnt see how to pay the rent ect…is this the aussie way? Read more »

  • Gregg says:

    12:52am | 16/11/10

    It’s taken a while Ged for some mention of overseas markets and perhaps the reality is yet to be understood by yourself. The WTO level playing field principles mean that all that unequalness in wages is intended to be equalled and it’ll not mean that the people overseas will ever… Read more »


As our annual obsession with national identity reaches its peak, after weeks of debate into the meaning of red meat, high carb beverages and the quaint French phrase ‘oi, oi, oi’, here is one more idea to think about.

National pride. An Australian girl visiting Gallipoli in the Australian flag. Photo AP

On Australia Day 1999 the Coalition Government introduced the reaffirmation ceremony to mark 50 years of Australian Citizenship. It’s a pretty simple idea where natural born Australians join with those who are taking up citizenship for the first time to recite the pledge together:

“As an Australian citizen, I affirm my loyalty to Australia and its people, whose democratic beliefs I share, whose rights and liberties I respect, and whose laws I uphold and obey.”

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  • LougsBenoReog says:

    04:06pm | 15/12/12

    This will be the right blog for any person who wants to learn about this topic. You recognize so much its pretty much difficult to argue with you (not that I truly would want?-HaHa). You surely put a brand new spin on a topic thats been written about for years.… Read more »

  • Loskey says:

    01:12pm | 04/02/10

    I think someone has a real chip on his shoulder, Everyone is a racist no matter what race you stem from. But it is far easier to call a white man a racist, Why?, because of a bad history of being racists. Just remember, ones opinion is usually a reflection… Read more »


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