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As the 11-hour Parramatta siege was unfolding on Tuesday, with a 52-year-old man occupying a lawyer’s chambers with his 12-year-old daughter, allegedly claiming to have a bomb in his rucksack, a remarkable discussion was taking place in real time on social media sites among Australian men’s rights advocates.

Women: much more likely to be victims than perpetrators. Photo: Rohan Kelly

Knowing nothing about the personal circumstances of the perpetrator, the consensus among these advocates was that the man who started the siege had to be regarded as the victim here. The victim of the Family Court, the victim of a system skewed against men, the victim of a feminist conspiracy.

Knowing nothing about how the siege would resolve itself, and indifferent to the risk of harm to the 12-year-old girl, police and office workers, there was even a sense among these men’s rights advocates that the man was something of a hero. Poor bloke, pushed to the brink, someone has to stand up to the system. Here’s some examples, with the names deleted:

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  • Mark says:

    03:56pm | 28/11/11

    Ronny Jonny- are you as simple as you appear to be? What I wouldn’t give to see your reaction to a woman coming at you with a knife or accusing you of abuse and have people believe it. You big tough stoic. Wanting balance and truth to be the guiding… Read more »

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