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Something struck me last night as I watched the 7.30 report on the 2DayFM prank scandal. After three days of the story I was only half paying attention until radio veteran Mike Carlton piped up about how the Austereo management had let down “these kids” who were now at the centre of a firestorm.

I'm totes ready for Field Day - Mum have you washed my lower-back support garment?

He was expressing the view of many people on this topic, but I had to go back and check. Michael Christian probably does qualify as a “kid” in media circles. He’s 25. But the other half of the Hot 30 team that is now in hot water, Mel Grieg, is 30, and until recently taught at the Australian Radio School in Adelaide.

According to the ARS website: “We’ll teach you everything from classic communication techniques, producing great shows, copywriting, voiceovers, commercial production, promotions, all the way through to using new media like podcasting and internet radio to score your first gig.”

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  • Anne says:

    06:48pm | 11/12/12

    The fact is they pranked called a hospital which is the first unacceptable thing they did, they posed as a high profile patients family to gain private information of an ill pregnant patient. THEN Austero management in their infinite wisdom chose to AIR this private information & prank call, humiliating… Read more »

  • Ladyjane says:

    06:38pm | 11/12/12

    The DJs were quite happy to ‘own’ and brag about the prank when it was all fun and giggles. It was the highlight of their lives (in itself pretty pathetic). Now that it’s gone to custard, it’s someone else’s fault. Says it all, really. Read more »


Those who are jumping on the bandwagon and directing their fury at a couple of giggly radio hosts over the tragic but unforeseeable death of a troubled British nurse should ask themselves a couple of questions.

More daft than evil. Photo: Getty Images

The first is whether their rage is in any way approximate to the actions of this pair, who if they had any idea of the consequences of their light-hearted joke would surely never have gone down that path.

The second is whether the extent of this rage – more than 21,000 emails, many of them hateful and even violent, have now been sent to their radio station – is so over the top that it could even help generate the same kind of psychological pressure which saw this poor nurse take her own life.

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  • Jennifer says:

    06:47pm | 11/12/12

    Better training needed all round - in the hospital, in the medical profession as a whole (because it wasn’t just up to the hospital to train the nurses on how to handle requests for patient information, it should have been part of their training at university too), and in the… Read more »

  • cameron more says:

    06:32pm | 11/12/12

    While the death of the nurse is beyond tragic, i feel that sentinel event needs to be investigated. I cannot imagine that she would take her own life due to a prank call. The questions i would like to be answered are ( but no one is asking ) are… Read more »


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