Imagine if the construction workers union, the CFMEU, issued a statement calling for Maoris and Islanders to be banned from working in the building industry. Or if the white-collar Australian Services Union demanded an end to all those pesky Indians stealing our jobs in IT.

Un-Australian: Imagine replacing these actors with cheap foreign imports. Image: Channel 10

They would be howled down as racist protectionists, accused of taking the nation back to the dark days of the White Australia Policy, offending the principles of inclusion and diversity by denying people from other countries a chance to settle and work here.

It might be 2011 but the actors and journalists’ union, the Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance, has this week launched a campaign which is the artistic equivalent of legislating to keep the kanaks off the canefields in the early 20th century.

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  • Steve says:

    11:42am | 20/09/11

    The “Dark Days” of Australias “White Australia’ policy were the best days of Australias existence. Nowdays, any foriegn filth can, and do, stream in, complete with religious and cultural incompatibility and ingrained hatred for our lifestyle and freedoms. The main reason they come is for our generous welfare, and have… Read more »

  • Chris says:

    08:18pm | 29/06/11

    Wasn’t Annie Jones cute in the 80’s? I wonder whatever happend to her? Read more »


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