Mark Zuckerberg

I miss having a place on the web to call my own.

Graph search… putting all your duck (faces) in a row. Photo: AP

How I long for the mid 90s, before the days of social graph or APIs.
I miss MySpace, and LiveJournal and Geocities.

Those spaces were my own for a time.

But with the announcement of Facebook’s new Graph Search engine, there is really nowhere on the web for me to hide anymore.

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  • Michellemac says:

    05:23pm | 17/01/13

    I don’t get the problem. I have pretty high security settings on my facebook profile which means people will only be able to see what they could see before. I regularly (as in at least monthly, often more that that) google myself and my facebook profile to see what comes… Read more »

  • Meph says:

    03:43pm | 17/01/13

    Geocities was a wretched hive of scum and villainy. About all it was good for was stress testing the (then) latest web browsers for memory leaks, and your own constitution against epileptic seizures. Read more »


Lonely hearts and internet creeps rejoice! “Facebook stalking” just got a heck of a lot easier.

Woah, check out that chick's Facebook profile! Photo: AP

The new “graph search” function announced by Mark Zuckerberg today will turn Facebook into the world’s largest matchmaking site. Think of it as eHarmony’s loaded, arrogant cousin.

Facebook users will now be able to sift efficiently through the profiles of other members, finding people with common interests and, well, coveting them. Clever lovelorns could even narrow their searches to the pages of “friends of friends who are single”.

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  • TimB says:

    05:46pm | 16/01/13

    Depends on the version. Wii Rainbow Road is awesome. N64 Rainbow Road is boring. The rest are somewhere in between, with varying degrees of evil. Read more »

  • Gordon says:

    05:33pm | 16/01/13

    “Finally”? Read more »


Mark Zuckerberg married his long-term girlfriend Priscilla Chan last weekend in the back yard of their home. My first thought was “how lovely for them”, but it seems most people’s first thought was “I wonder what the pre-nup says”.

Hmmmm, wonder when I can get this stupid dress off and ring my lawyers ... probably not what was going through Priscilla Chan's mind

Donald Trump can be expected to head straight for this crass territory, and immediately obliged. But AM reported this morning that after an overnight plunge in Facebook’s post-IPO value, “investors are starting to ask for details about any pre nuptial agreement and what Mark Zuckerberg’s changed status might mean for the company’s long term value and stability.”

I wonder how Priscilla is enjoying her honeymoon, knowing the entire investment world is speculating on how much she could take her beloved for if she decides to cut and run.

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  • Emma2 says:

    08:48pm | 23/05/12

    Oh and what then tubesteak? Have the woman and her children living on the streets? Or in commission housing if they’re lucky? Society doesn’t work like that and thank god the laws changed otherwise that would’ve been my fate as a youngster when my dad left us after passing his… Read more »

  • Kika says:

    12:12pm | 23/05/12

    HA - Jealous fat white girl. Not quite. Sounds like you have a racist stereotype in your head that all asian women are demure and lovely. You are Sir, and A Grade idiot. No wonder why your wife left you. Don’t be fooled. Listen. I have many asian friends and… Read more »


The best thing about Facebook’s decision to add an “organ donor” status to their pages is that it might help prevent the family veto on the essential process. The worst thing is that it’s not available to Australian users – yet.

Make your decision clear

By clicking into the Life Event section of their Timeline, Facebook users in the United Kingdom and United States can now alert their family and friends to their decision to donate their organs. Important note: clicking the status option won’t make it legitimate, users still need to register their decision to donate with their own state.

Facebook has high hopes for this tiny change to its page. Sheryl Sandberg, the company’s COO said it is part of using Facebook to “build tools that help people transform the way we all solve worldwide social problems.”

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  • fairsfair says:

    09:37am | 03/05/12

    True thatmosis - I was just trying to think from a societal solution perspective. Your situation is similar to mine (sans the will bit), my family are all too aware of what I would like to happen. However, as the scenario of my death is unknown to me I am… Read more »

  • thatmosis says:

    06:53am | 03/05/12

    fairsfair, death has never been a taboo subject in our family, as an ex soldier it was an ongoing reality and needed to be expressed just in case. As for family members not knowing, they all know, at least those with a vested interest in my demise and thats that.… Read more »


I woke up yesterday morning to horrific news. My favourite iPhone application of all time, the time-wasting fun-machine photo social network Instagram, had been snaffled up by Facebook for a frankly mind-boggling sum.

Clockwise from top left: Mark Zuckerberg as a baby, 1977 filter; High School Graduation, Nashville filter, as CEO of Facebook, Lo-fi filter; with girlfriend Priscilla Chan, Brannan filter. Pictures: @simoncrerar on Instagram

Apparently a picture is not worth a thousand words, it is worth $1 billion.

Oh Instagram, why did it have to come to this? After wiping away my tears, the enormity of the purchase sank in. Here was a company of 13 employees being valued at more than the New York Times.

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  • Mike says:

    08:27am | 24/05/12

    This to shall fade away, everything does. FB will not last. Something else will replace it. Read more »

  • year of the dragon says:

    07:23am | 12/04/12

    “@YOTD - it would be great if we could but private industry won’t do it. I can’t even get Telstra to supply me a direct line to my exchange” As much as I believe in free markets I also believe that governments have a role in delivering some infrastructure. A… Read more »


In an interview discussing his increasing philanthropy late last year, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg noted that “when you give everyone a voice and give people power, the system usually ends up in a really good place. So, what we view our role as, is giving people that power.”

Facebook, for Zuckerberg, has a role to play in power systems. It can be a political tool for leaders. And he’s right, but only conditionally; a number of other groups need to come to the party before we can consider social media a tool for good.

I spent a recent weekend helping Year 11 students understand what it means to be a leader, and I can safely say that I don’t share the pessimism about our future that the majority of headlines concerning ‘young Australians’ seems to show. But nor can I say in good conscience that the future is all roses.

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  • OEM software online says:

    11:20am | 07/11/11

    IA1MKo It`s really useful! Looking through the Internet you can mostly observe watered down information, something like bla bla bla, but not here to my deep surprise. It makes me happy..!! Read more »

  • amy says:

    05:35pm | 06/11/11

    I know right? Im much happyer now than I was in school, I mean seriously, what a dumb thing to say to a bunch of emo kids…and they woner why some teens are depressed Read more »


It’s been a big year for 26 year old Facebook founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg.

He's brilliant but is he really Time material? Photo: AFP.

Not only was he the subject of movie, “The Social Network” he’s also just been made Time person of 2010, “for changing how we all live our lives in ways that are innovative and even optimistic.”

There’s no question that Zuckerberg is a success; Facebook has 600 million members, employs 1, 700 people and is worth an estimated fortune of £4.4 billion.

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  • Jason says:

    05:49pm | 17/12/10

    Honestly I felt I was more deserving, but I’ll get over it. After all, I won it in 2006! Read more »

  • Sam says:

    01:16pm | 17/12/10

    The word “friend” really doesn’t mean much anymore does it. I change my friends like I change my socks. Read more »


At some point in the past decade, geeks became cool.

These three don't make very convincing geeks, they're too cool. Picture: AFP

Like the products they created, geeks began to be marketed as friendly and helpful types that everyday people could turn to to solve problems or get more out of life.

Sometimes they even seemed to be attractive to women. The Social Network should go some way to ending all of this.

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