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Most opponents of the troubled Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) pay scant regard to the unique element that only so-called “fifth generation” fighter jets bring to the air power table - stealth.

Look… you can't even see it.

The simple proposition about stealth is that if an enemy can’t see you he can’t kill you, but you can kill him.

Vocal opponents of the JSF, such as Liberal MP Dennis Jensen and Peter Goon from Air Power Australia (APA), base their arguments on the performance of the jet inside the flight envelope. They point out correctly that the “developmental” JSF performs below other “seasoned” jets in the air combat space, including the Sukhoi Flanker and even the F-15 and F-16. Few of the critics mention the Super Hornet - the government’s and the RAAF’s aircraft of choice as a capability gap filler for Australia. Presumably that jet would stand up to opposing fighters better than the “lumbering” JSF.

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  • Steve of QBN says:

    06:58pm | 20/02/13

    @ Colin McK, We bought the F-111 due to the belligerent expansionism of Indonesia in the early 1960’s.  They were the only planes in the world at that time to be able to fly from Brisbane, bomb Jakarta and get home again without inflight refueling.  With the retirement of the… Read more »

  • Tator says:

    06:54pm | 20/02/13

    Meph, anecdotes from wild Weasel squadrons in the first Gulf war stated that HARM launches had a tendency to startle friendly pilots as they made a big flash, so the pilots would call “HOWDY HOWDY HOWDY” when they launched one, this was so effective that the Iraqi Air Defence Radars… Read more »


Australia’s air combat capability is critical to defending our nation. In the 21st century, those who control the skies control the world. The stealthy fighter designs that will soon dominate our region are the Russian T-50 and the Chinese J20 and J31. Australia’s fighting men and women are stuck with squadrons of obsolescent and uncompetitive fighters.

At least it looks better than Iran's new wind-up toy fighter plane… Picture: AFP

In 2004 the Defence Teaming Centre issued a document praising the Joint Strike Fighter (JSF). They stated that the RAAF would achieve an initial operational capability (IOC) in 2012. Now, Bill Sweetman in trade journal Aviation Week and Space Technology says the earliest the US will achieve delivery is 2020, so what hope do we have?

Sweetman states “The users and taxpayers need an IOC date, IOC capabilities and some real cost numbers. If that’s too much to ask after 11 years, it’s time for someone to get fired.”

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  • RuralBrain says:

    06:22pm | 19/02/13

    I ask why we don’t have a PM who can politely say to the US Prez:  We are your closest allies OK? Well how about kepping it that way by selling us the F-22 instead of this over-inflated failure of an outdated idea which a former PM, ‘Lil’ Johnny Howard… Read more »

  • Mark C says:

    06:19pm | 19/02/13

    Bomb78 Granted that they have had 5 years but they would have relied on the experience of Defence Dept to advise them on the merits of the investment. And the cost of pulling out? I’m sure you would be first in line to criticise this government for that. But hey… Read more »


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