The Crosby Textor Group is Australia’s most successful political consultancy and recently celebrated 10 years of election victories in two hemisphere.

We ain't seen nothing yet

If the company has a motto it’s this: When in doubt, believe in something. Lynton Crosby and Mark Textor say it often and the adage isn’t as trite as it might seem.

It’s a statement that politicians and parties must have convictions to defend and advance if they want the backing of an electorate.

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  • James says:

    06:42pm | 18/12/12

    Dash It says the ALP win when it matters. Like, when we have elections. Read more »

  • George says:

    06:38pm | 18/12/12

    PJ aka one of the 1500 spin doctors employed by the Liberals continues to ignore the FACT that the LNP supported Slipper for 18 years.  They knew of his reputation hence giving him the nickname Slippery Pete. Now all they are trying to do is the Pontous Pilate…. Read more »


Here’s some advice for interest groups who want to influence a conservative government with such a stonking majority - pack away the hemp shirts, love beads and sandals and deal with them like professionals.

It might have worked in 1983 in Tasmania, but it won't work in 2012 in Qld…

No protests, petitions or snippy social media campaigns. Publicly congratulate their win. They don’t need to listen, so you need them to want to listen. For every one Labor MP in Queensland now there will be 10 opposite numbers. How do less that 10 people, however talented, even stay abreast of government business, let alone the controversial stuff?

The LNP’s superior and unequalled bargaining position should give pause for thought for any interest group that wishes to influence or change the government’s position.  How do activists get the attention of a government or opposition (who now just sleep at the office reading briefing papers)? By being strategic.

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  • Ring says:

    09:32pm | 27/03/12

    So you are lauding the success of a system where one in every 5 juvenile offenders will re-offend AT LEAST twice.. Read more »

  • batgirl says:

    05:48pm | 27/03/12

    use the masss media Read more »


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