A crackdown on government-funded liposuction; tax cuts for Mongolian, Tongan and Tunisian diplomats; a cut to the cherry and stone fruit export levies; a tax holiday for the Cricket World Cup; tax-free donations to the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Fund; money for Afghan soldiers; a rock and roll program for school kids; $2 million for an Australian Ballet production centre in the Prime Minister’s home suburb of Altona…

Hmm, let's cut the Football Federation's debt here… Picture: Darren Tindale

Think you’ve heard the full story of the government’s mid year budget up date? Think again. The devil of this budget update is in the detail. Appendix A to the Mid Year Economic and Fiscal Outlook is where all the bodies are hidden.

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  • expat says:

    06:39pm | 24/10/12

    Joan, there is quantity and then there is quality. The people breeding excessively in Australia country are doing so for quantity, and its leading to second and third generation welfare dependency. The people who you want to breed, those that will produce quality citizens, are not gullible to have children… Read more »

  • averagebloke says:

    06:28pm | 24/10/12

    @ Tubesteak Rents are already too expensive. If I cant afford to rent now then go right ahead and raise your rent it wont make any difference. NG distorts the housing market, roots the economy by forcing people to take on massive mortgages for dogboxes or pay ponzi rents and… Read more »


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