Lara Bingle

It’s like this. On Tuesday night I had a startling realisation: I’ve surrendered my personality and/or masculinity to popular culture – and mostly because of the internet.

CPaine's fantasy shot: Bingle posts Instagram pic on Twitter

I was walking home from work with a skip in my step. Why? Because I was counting down the minutes until the Being Lara Bingle premiere. Yes, Being Lara Bingle.

At this point a friend stopped me in my tracks to remind me there was a schedule clash. “Ummm, the Socceroos are playing Japan in half an hour!”

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  • soos says:

    06:32pm | 15/06/12

    ...not to mention the apostrophes… Read more »

  • Slothy says:

    05:42pm | 15/06/12

    I am constantly amazed at how much of my news I get from twitter, just because it is so quick for people to send out something like “Ray Bradbury nooo :-(” or “Slipper standing down” with a link to more detail. Of course, sometimes the news I get is a… Read more »


Lara Bingle. Controversial? Definitely. Polarising? Certainly. Gossip fodder? Absolutely. Savvy? You betcha. Not as vacuous as most people think? You’d better believe it.

Wake up… brush ample teeth… pose for camera… Pic: Sam Ruttyn.

The 24-year-old’s first foray into television debuted on screens across the country last night and while most were too proud to admit it, almost a million people tuned in to watch her show.

We set aside half an hour to sit down with our cups of tea and bucket loads of commentary and we watched it. All 925,000 of us.

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  • Radpinsy says:

    07:42am | 25/06/12

    A typical response. I guess someone had to say something stereotypical *_*. I would like to hypothesis that reading your comment was more INTERESTING than any of Lara Bingles “high-brow” critics but; that’s not saying much though is it? Read more »

  • Louisa says:

    09:47pm | 14/06/12

    I think the comparison in ratings figures between this week and next week will be interesting. Water cooler chat indicates that some people tuned in just for ‘a look’ but won’t be tuning in ever again. Ratings nose dive coming. Read more »


So US tourist numbers are down since Oprah’s “Down Under” fire sale of our national dignity and the much-wished-for Oprah cash has failed to materialise.

State Treasury's estimate of the value of Oprah's visit to the NSW economy

The idea of letting a foreign talk show host turn our country into giant television studios smelt dodgy from the start, but after yesterday’s revelations, it stinks.

The news yesterday that US visitor numbers have dropped by 0.8 per cent in the last year just leaves you wondering how this ever got so out of hand.

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  • andy says:

    12:04am | 23/07/11

    @Tubesteak - Oh dear, tubey. Where have you been going? No wine bars? *facepalm* I am no wine drinker but Vini, Love Tilly Devine, Bentley Bar, The Winery… those are just some I can quickly think of that are about 5 minutes walk from each other. The small “melbourne style”… Read more »

  • RyaN says:

    11:30pm | 22/07/11

    Just in case you were a bit slow on the Ali G part, I am ridiculing you on the pathetic over sensitivity of being black and feeling like you are being treated differently, having traveled the world its a given that people will treat you differently from wherever you come… Read more »


Lara Bingle’s recently discovered that she only has three real friends to call on in her time of need,  but at least she’s capable of doing the right thing when it comes to engagement break-up etiquette.

As she told the Daily Telegraph this morning, she didn’t think twice about giving the $200, 000 ring back to Michael Clarke:

“I felt it was the right thing to do. It cost a lot of money and he works so hard to achieve what he does, I just thought that was the best thing.”

And according to The Knot wedding website that’s exactly what she should do. Because while legally there’s no real reason why you should hand it back, good etiquette demands that you do.

Even so, have you seen the ring? What would you do?

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  • james says:

    12:19pm | 31/05/10

    i completely agree with you, lara was 19 when she was with fevola, i cant even confess what i got up to at 19. When people are young they do stupid things, thats the beauty of being young, you get to do stupid things. Fevola was a footy player and… Read more »

  • Peter says:

    11:29pm | 11/05/10

    The whole episode appears to be a bit sad to me. Stand up anybody out there who hasn’t been through rough patches with their partner from time to time and thinks they are so bad they deserve to be pushed aside and publicly rejected like Lara has been. Because she… Read more »


The media storm surrounding Lara Bingle and that bloke who plays cricket has got me thinking about the pressures of celebrity and whether we should give a bugger about putting famous people under such intense scrutiny. It also got me thinking about my own brief, shameful experience with harassing a star.

Who are you really John Cusack?

Several years ago I went to dinner at a posh Chinese restaurant. This may sound perfectly benign, but I’m a squeamish vegetarian. Being surrounded by living things swimming in tanks meant the only thing on the menu that looked vaguely appetising was the beer. Two slabs later, while my friends were still picking at their entrees, I decided I needed to make a phone call.

I staggered down the restaurant stairs like a drag queen post-Sleaze Ball and off to the phone box outside. In the middle of this drink-and-dial episode I spotted a large man sheltering a smaller man in a way that made him look important. So I dropped the phone and tottered over to see who the smaller man was. It turned out it was the actor John Cusack. Being a self-anointed film critic I proceeded helpfully to tell him who he was. “You’re John Cusack”, I slurred.

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  • Abuct says:

    09:02am | 03/07/12 Read more »

  • Scott the realist says:

    05:22pm | 16/03/10

    You don’t have to be a celebrity or tosser as I like to call them, and all those who wish that career path have to know the issues that come with that choice if you don’t want that choose a different career path and I don’t care what you do… Read more »


``How do you start a small business? Give Warwick Fairfax a big one’‘, should be reworked in a PR context in honour of Australia’s pre-eminent spiv, the celebrity publicist Max Markson.

The wrong sort of TV appearance. Markson and Bingle last week. Picture: Ten News

The events of the past few days have demonstrated, in my view, that if you really want to damage your reputation, you should hire Max Markson to defend it.

In a few days, Markson has helped pull off an extraordinary feat in relation to his new client, Lara Bingle. His contributions have only helped to further turn what seems like the entire country against this girl when, less than a week ago, she was enjoying rare public support after being belittled and demeaned by one of the biggest yobbos to grace an Australian sports field.

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  • cheap oem software says:

    09:52am | 19/08/12

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  • Go go girl says:

    03:06am | 31/03/10

    Good article. You’re right on with everything… except the $20,000 pocketed by Markson.  He actually takes 20%, not the usual 10… which means he would have pocketed $40,000. Read more »


Update - 8pm: A Current Affair has reported that Clarke has ended his relationship with Bingle. Read the report here.

I’ve been thinking for a while now that the Australian cricket team and the huge machinery around it contained a bunch of over-paid, under-developed, spoiled brats happily trapped in a pre-feminist world, but today really tipped it over the edge for me.

Yep, she's pretty scary isn't she… Picture: Jim Trifyllis

It’s clear the cricket mob is not coping with the loss of the good old days when wives maintained a dignified presence at home for 10 months of the year while their husbands traveled their way around the world safely cocooned in the mantra “what goes on tour stays on tour.”

According to Peter Roebuck, Robert Craddock, Mark Waugh, and just about every other bloke with an opinion on this, Lara Bingle didn’t get the memo that it’s her job to stay at home and play a “quiet, dignified supporting role.”

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  • Marto says:

    03:43pm | 11/04/10

    Madeleine, us men do not feel threatened by a dumb 22 y.o. star shagger, but thanks for the broad brush assessment.  People, male and female, detest this idiot because she is a self-absorbed, soulless skank who has banged half of the Eastern suburbs.  You want to know why he dumped… Read more »

  • shere khan says:

    07:55am | 24/03/10

    So much time playing Cricket denies a man “facial savvy”.  He is so used to seeing only THE BALL. Lara’s bottom lip would have warned a “savvy Bloke”. Read more »


Who needs Posh ‘n’ Becks? Australian cricket vice-captain Michael Clarke and his model girlfriend Lara Bingle have confirmed themselves as the nation’s celebrity circus couple.

Get the message? Lara Bingle to the media today. Say what you like about Posh, but she keeps a stiff upper lip.

Clarke is known for being unhappy with the ongoing publicity that surrounds their relationship but its effect has reached a nadir with him quitting the team camp on the eve of a one-day match against New Zealand because his girlfriend was upset.

This is no Hollywood couple’s restaurant flare-up. Clarke’s sudden and stunning decision to return to Sydney to be with Bingle raises questions on his future role in the team and ability to focus on his cricket. Clarke has been a consistently excellent performer and is the favourite to succeed Ricky Ponting as captain.

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  • outlet says:

    06:18am | 17/07/12

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  • Bob H says:

    09:00pm | 11/03/10

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You’ve seen the pixelated Bingle in the Shower picture everywhere. Now see the latest uncensored Bingle in the Shower pic doing the rounds on email and Twitter.

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  • Chestybro says:

    09:37pm | 03/06/10

    Don’t worry Lara there’s plenty of boofhead sportsmen out there…...ummm. Have you tried the NRL yet? Read more »

  • Tim says:

    08:15am | 11/03/10

    Dude, super exy. I’m going to counter bid you by offering to sell myself for a miserly 10k, I gots some web dev billz to pay, don’t you know. Read more »


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