Labor Diary

The last few weeks have clearly demonstrated the dignity of our Prime Minister, Julia Gillard.

Not leaving a Mark: That photo one more time / AAP

A photo from last Saturday afternoon published by the Australian captured it all. On the one hand an intimidating hulk of a man growling like a menacing dog and on the other a smiling and warm PM handling a most difficult situation.

It had been a testing day. It has been a testing campaign. But through it all Julia has kept putting one foot in front of the other explaining Labor’s economic plans for the country, all the while retaining that smile, that sense of calm and that indefatigable sense of dignity.

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  • says:

    07:54am | 16/11/12

    It is clear that the cat has eaten it!As soon as possible!I can do nothing but that.The nurse assisted the doctor in the operating room.Please let me check the bill.I have a lot of problemsI have a lot of problemsI’ve got too much work to do.They’re in red and white.No… Read more »

  • Annie says:

    11:27pm | 14/08/10

    “does the govt envisage people stripping down to their underwear etc” funniest bloody thing I’ve read in a long time cheers for that now I’ll just get a tissue & dry my eyes Read more »


This week has greatly illuminated Tony Abbot’s unique relationship with public policy.

Can't handball either. Photo: Ray Strange

As the first hint of a proposed massive cut to Australia’s immigration intake surfaced in last weekend’s media we were told that Tony Abbotts’s impending announcement would be a game changer – the ultimate trump card to the population debate.

Barely had he mentioned the figure of 170,000 than his policy was fatally wounded having been hit by shrapnel. Turns out that all Mr Abbott had done was add up the current projected cuts in net overseas migration arising from existing Government policy, and call it his policy.

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  • duedEmbed says:

    03:19pm | 31/12/12

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  • nonInvila says:

    01:56pm | 15/12/12

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