Kylie Minogue

When Angel Brooks arrived in Summer Bay with plaits in her hair and a white lace dress I was still in high school. That was a long time ago.

See.. this photo is black and white… BLACK AND WHITE

When after losing her husband Shane and hooking up with a bloke called Simon Angel headed off to London to live happily ever after it was still 1996. 1996! It’s a common phenomenon that many of us think the 90s were just last week, but 1996 was in fact 16 years ago.

Melissa George’s spoiled, undignified, outburst on the set of the Morning Show has made her look like an incredibly pretentious, ungrateful, croissant scoffing wanker.

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  • Tandy says:

    06:50pm | 12/11/12

    I’m not sure what you were watching, but the interview I saw was ALL about her & her new work ( & dont forget the thrill she got when she saw a billboard of herself - she sure got that in.). She was actually ment to be there to promote… Read more »

  • Celeste says:

    06:36pm | 12/11/12

    Haha Audra, couldn’t agree more - bring on the chow chows! As for her having ‘a human moment’ that comment was obviously made by a mega drama-queen. What she had was a ‘pretentious spoilt b*tch moment’ & it was UGLY! Read more »


A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing. The ‘Kylie effect’ – when women rushed to get checked for breast cancer after Ms Minogue was diagnosed with it in 2005 – was a perfect example of that.

Dr Minogue at your service. Pic: AP

Here’s how it goes: Young Kylie talks about her cancer. Women everywhere rush to get tested thanks to the hyperawareness created and some lives are saved. Kylie gets awarded a doctorate for her work promoting breast cancer awareness

But other women are unnecessarily exposed to radiation or given invasive treatment because of ‘false positives’ – an imperfect system accidentally finds they have cancer, but they don’t. Younger women flock to get tested, although age is the biggest risk factor.

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  • Mouse says:

    07:44pm | 26/09/12

    *smiles and takes a bow* Read more »

  • Kashie says:

    07:04pm | 26/09/12

    Actually my non-medical-expert understanding is that MRI is best for high risk young women because the breast tissue is so dense.  An MRI will take a better picture than mammogram or ultrasound and has no ionising radiation.  But as always, an issue best discussed with your GP who knows you… Read more »


Monday after Mardi Gras is busy in the House of Priscilla costume hire store on Sydney’s Oxford Street.

Customers traipse in to drop off their outfits, many still bleary-eyed after 48 hours of partying. Word is, this year’s Mardi Gras was a good one, even if American drag queen RuPaul was a letdown. But there’s one thing every gay man on Oxford St agrees with: Kylie Minogue stole the show.

Kylie appeared at her third Mardi Gras this year, performing a half hour set at 2am at the post-parade party. The crowd loved her. She loved them. And why wouldn’t she? The 43 year old has pretty much built her entire career around pleasing her gay constituency.

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  • Audra Blue says:

    09:29pm | 06/03/12

    I’ve never been a Kylie fan.  Her voice is way too nasally for my taste and her music is really utter dance pop crap.  I like a couple of her songs but not enough to buy any of her albums. Still, good on her for knowing her market and playing… Read more »

  • Mark/Fox says:

    07:48pm | 06/03/12

    The only Kylie I respect as an Australian represententive is Kylie Mole, Kylie Minogue, she is that British shelia isnt she. I bet there is some nasty infections getting around after the weekend. Read more »


Welcome to this week’s I Call Bullshit, a regular column looking at spin and shenanigans, skulduggery and pseudoscience. This week we’re having a crack at Kylie Minogue’s honorary doctorate.

Kylie in atypical sartorial splendour. Pic: Getty Images

A UK university has awarded the Singing Budgie a doctorate in singing. Pardon? Did you say it wasn’t for singing? For music? No? Health Sciences?! Are you serious?

A doctorate is the highest academic degree in any branch of knowledge. So you’d want to be quite… knowledgeable, wouldn’t you?

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  • Oldmanwinter says:

    07:43pm | 22/11/11

    Let me get this straight. The treatments are “Free”, the cancer foundation needs “Awareness”, Young women can be diagnosed at their age but its harder to do…. and Kylie serves up a large tray of test bunnies who have a 3 out of 4 chance of getting good news. Positive… Read more »

  • Claire says:

    09:01pm | 10/11/11

    Tory is it this way your parent raise you to trash those nice people who had real talent? It not Kylie fault the university awarded her a doctorate. Are you jealous of her success. I have never heard her and her sister trash any body. What example are you giving… Read more »


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